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Is this ebay seller dodgy?


I won an auction on a product for £15. Wedding related! I was the only bidder and bid on the lowest bid price. This product normally wins at between £40 - £60 so I was thrilled to win it at this low price. The auction was collection only from within my county. I contacted the seller to ask where they were but had no response. After the auction She told me that she lives over an hours drive from me. No worries I have still got a bargin  so I ask can I arrange collection of product via courier at my expense? Three days later I am told no collection only. I ask for her address to collect tomorrow. She will not give me her home address and tells me to meet her in the car park at a well known park. The product is big, it will need the boot of an estate car to collect. I ask again for her home address as I don't know the area and might go to the wrong car park/entrance of park. This is a HUGE park/estate! She sends me postcode of entrance and describes where she will be parked. Am I right to be concerned?


  • Sorry I have no idea what has happened to my paragraphs!

  • Yes you are, it sounds like its stolen or counterfeit to me, why else would she not want to use courier or let you got to her address?


  • Eeeeek! I agree with Giddy, it sounds a bit strange to say the least!

  • I think it odd that I was the ONLY bidder?

    I have been trying to win one of these for over a week and they have at least 20 bidder and get pipped in the last 30 seconds.

    So why was I the only bidder, bid once on opening bid and won!

    Her feedback score is 100% 46 since april this year but mostly as a buyer.

    My friend thinks I will be mugged! lol!!!

  • That is highly possible lol!

    If you did go, I'd ensure you had someone with you (someone scary and built like a house!) and as extra protection take down her car's licence plate and her description...

    But then it could be something quite innocent and the fact is that she just doesnt want you going to her house in case you were a weirdo (I never used to tell potential suitors where I lived; used to hold off til the 3rd/4th date!)

  • Oh no...don't go!! It has dodgy stamped all over it, whether that be the goods themselves or the seller and their intentions.

    Report her to eBay also...she really shouldn't be arranging meetings in unsafe places etc.

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    I totally agree with giddy kipper- your safety is worth far more than £35, which is what you stand to save if- and this is highly unlikely- the seller and the goods turn out to be legit. Please don't do it! Definitely report said person to ebay- I assume you've been messaging them over the site so your conversation can be investigated? x

  • Thank you all, yes all messages have been via ebay.

    many thanks.

  • Sorry to disagree with everyone else, but it may be entirely innocent. She may be at work during the day and unable to wait around for a courier. She may also feel uncomfortable sending her home address to a stranger, and therefore find it easier to meet in a public place for collections. You said it was a very well known park - it's not like she's sending you to a back alley in the middle of nowhere. It may even be that her home address is awkward, so she thought it would be easier to meet elsewhere  (I live in a tiny dead end street that people sometimes struggle to find).

    Definitely take someone with you if you decide to go, but this may not be anywhere near as bad as everyone's thinking.

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    I'd email and say it will either be you or your h2b picking it up coz he's policing in that area that day, if its dodgy I'm sure that will put them off image 

  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    I don't massively like giving strangers my home address and have arranged to hand over/ collect goods in a public place before. Really in many ways it a far safer environment for both parties. That being said, I would always avoid going alone. 

    Also even if you arrange the courier at your own expense the seller still potentially has to wait round all day for your collection to be made, most of the burden of time will be on him/her.

    The lack of other bids doesn't automatically scream dodgy to me, I assume you're fairly astute and checked the listing out before bidding. What makes you think you missed something that tens of other bidders didn't?

    By all means keep yourself safe but I think you are being rather over cautious here.

  • I agree with MrsPug and Littlelovenotes. I don't think it sounds too dodgy, I wouldn't want strangers coming to my house. I would just make sure you don't go alone, or maybe you could suggest a different meeting place where you would feel safer?


    What's the item?

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