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Cheap ideas for favours

I don't want to spend a lot so need ideas for cheap wedding favours


  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    How much is not a lot? Per person what are you thinking? How many guests are you having? Do you have any particular theme? Sorry for all the questions it will just help with coming up with some ideas.

    I've been to three weddings recently where there were no favours and most people didn't even realise so could no favours be an option?

  • Mini packs of loveheart sweets , a lottery scratchcard , minature alcohol bottle . 

    Im having a printed token for each family to have their photo taken and put into a thank you wallet . Its part of my photobooth package so not costing anything extra but thought it would be nice for each couple or family to get a proffesional pic whilst they are all dressed up 

  • MrsNoelMrsNoel Posts: 486

    We're doing mini eggs because its Easter weekend. We bought 200 organza bags for under £6 from amazon and the eggs will cost about £8. Could you use Minstrels or something? Or fun size packs of Smarties, that sort of thing. I didn't want to spend much at all because, frankly, we're splashing out on the other areas and for me this is just a token. 

  • OutlawOwlOutlawOwl Posts: 649
    Were doing a spice mix for the men and lavender sugar for the women its costing about ??20 for 100 were both keen cooks xxx
  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    You could buy a heart-shaped cutter and bake some cookies?  They look lovely iced with guests' names (so double-up as place-cards and save you money that way too image) and wrapped in cellophane x

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Have you thought about a charity favour? Is there a charity that would mean something to you both?

    We did it for help for heroes as we have ex forces on both sides of our family. I wanted our full donation to go to the charity too so instead of buying each guest a coin token or bracket we designed scrolls on computer, printed, and rolled them. Added a label for each person's placename (with their chosen menu on the back) and just sent our favour budget straight to H4H.

    Went down really well!


  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    I had intended to make lots of heart shaped cookies in the week leading up to my wedding but I left myself too much to do and the thought of having to make 120 cookies two days before the wedding made me feel a bit sick!

    So instead, I bought 120 shortbread hearts from a lovely lady who advertises via ebay. They were handmade and absolutely delicious. They only cost me 15p each! She delivered them by courier two days before the wedding so they were really fresh. I put them in little cellophane bags with a ribbon round and a tiny "thank you" tag. They went down really well - perfect for eating with tea and coffee after the wedding breakfast.

    Link to the ebay advert is here:

    Not the best picture (the ribbons were all tied properly!) but just to give you an idea...




  • We're having a winter wedding and will probably plump for sparklers for everyone, not too expensive. Though we're also considering putting mini jagermeister at everyone's places for the best man's toast, so that may be a little more pricey!

  • Friends of ours had a beach theme, they got a loads of nicely shaped rocks from the beach, sprayed them the colour of the wedding theme (which was burnt orange) then wrote our names on them. Then in the middle of the table instead of flowers they had pitchers of cider and sweets. 

  • FranitaFranita Posts: 487

    Little_l_83 - mini Jagermeisters!!  Love it!  We got engaged on a ski slope in Austria and celebrarted with a few obligatory Jagermeisters afterwards, so that would have been perfect for us!

    We are however going down the miniatures route and are just in the process of making our own blackberry vodka and rhubarb vodka.  If you scrump the fruit, it's not that expensive to do.

  • Franita that's brilliant! And very creative. Who doesn't love free alcohol?image You're a December bride too aren't you? Might start a thread in our little 'i'm getting married in...' section to see how everyone's getting on, it's quite quiet in there!

  • We're having colouring books with 3 crayons, and then a pack of mini lovehearts and a lolly... works out at almost 50p per person x

  • i ordered about 100 little organza bags on ebay, they came from hong kong and were exactly what i wanted - i got them for under £3 and that was including postage and packaging!  i'm just going to put jellybeans or some other kind of small sweet inside and attach a label with handwritten name on it so it doubles up as a place setting.  our venue charges corkage for minuatures at weddings (ridiculous, i know!) we were going to give the best man and groomsmen mini Jagermeisters/whisky but might just include that in their present of cufflinks on the morning of the wedding.  there are a lot of kids coming to the wedding so i'm planning on leaving clolouring in sheets, crayons and bowls of sweets on the kids tables

  • Corkage for miniatures?! image We're meeting our co-ordinator tomorrow so I will ask this question, I hadn't considered they might charge us!

  • Yes isn't that scandalous! Our wedding coordinator told us they had a wedding where everyone got a mini bottle of vodka as a favour and they charged the couple £1 per mini! 

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