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Telford Brides??

Hi Ladies,

Do we have any fellow Telford / Shropshire Brides?



  • Me image, when and where are you getting married?!xx

  • And me image
    Hadley Park House Hotel on 3rd Jan!

  • Haughton Hall, shifnal on 12th October 2013! 5 weeks on sat  image 

  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    Ooooh not long to go Future MrsGillard! have you got everything sorted??

    We havnt chosen our venue yet but weve got an appointment at Hadley Park House Hotel on 16th, so I'm looking forward to that! Havnt been to see any venues yet! Have you been happy with everything there Vickylouiseuk?

    If either of you have any tips for me that would be great of names of any suppliers localy I'd apprecite it, I only got engaged a couple of weeks ago on my 22nd birthday so it's all still very new to me!

    Thanks xxx

  • yeah its pretty much sorted! just the last few things.. table plan etc. first dress fitting thursdsy image

    too be honest the package i got with haughton hall had alot included so didnt have to find alot! 

    martin weaver is doing my photography, cake creators a in shrewsbury re doing my cake and they have been fab! flowerpot in shifnal are doing my top table decoration. dont know whether your thinkin balloons, but we have personalised bunches for evening and we got them from 3s in hortonwood.. really cheap! dress and bridesmaids dresses are from champagne and roses, lovely shop in madeley. 

    one tip sounds stupid but always remember its yours and your husband to bes day! it is very easy to get caught up in wedding politics! 

    planning your wedding will be the best but most stressful (at times!) you will ever have to do!

  • I am close by (from Wolverhampton, and getting Married in Bridgnorth) my cake lady is from Telford and she is fab, Shropshire Cake Company xx

  • If any of you would like your dog (if you have one) to be in your wedding photos Lower Mill Kennels, nr Shrewsbury, now provide a wedding service to transport your dog to your venue. He/she will have a bath and blow-dry first thing so they look super and can have a bow attached that matches your colour scheme image


  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    Thanks for the recomendation about 3s balloons FutureMrsGillard, didnt even know these existed! They are so cheap, and look lovely!!

    Very lucky with hair and makeup as this is my sisters job so she is kindly doing it for me, and my mum handmakes tiraras so thats anoter thing ticked, and MIL2b is making our wedding cake.

    Champagne and roses in madley is that near the cuckoo oak roundabout in the housing estate? Are they reasonably priced?

    Thanks for everyones tips and reccomendations!! xxx

  • Yeah thats the place! i think they are reasonanly priced! i tried on about 6 or 7 dresses and varied in price, there not all either really expensive or dead cheap! i wpuld recommend them to anyone. i also went to simply brides in wellington  another lovely shop and have great packages.. dress, tiara, viel and so many bridesmaid dresses in one package! just a shame i didnt find 'the dress' in there!!!

  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    is simply brides near cock hotel just up the road from there? xxx

  • yeah its a lovely shop x

  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    Ah ok i know where that is then! i dont know when to start even looking at dresses lol, im not getting married until 03.10.2015 xxx

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Hi Emma image  I would wait until next spring/summer to start looking- if you can!  Just because the new collections will be out then: if you go shopping too early you run the risk of falling in love with a dress that ends up being discontinued, or having dress wobbles and wondering whether you should have kept on looking!  Most dresses take around 6 months to come in, but you need to allow tme for alterations too, so a year beforehand is plenty of time.  Also, if you order too early you have to think about how you're going to store your dress for months and months! I can recommend Jessica's bridal in Shrewsbury and KT Bridal in Broseley xx

  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    Yeah I think I will leave it a while before i go looking properly, i've had a look online and different dresses but im always changing my mind about everything lol. I dont think I can really start looking for a dress until I've atleast got a venue haha!!

    Funnily enough I liked KT Bridal in Broseley on facebook last night theyve got some lovely dresses!! xxx

  • Hi Emma2, sorry for delay, I don't get any notifications.....

    I'm pleased with Hadley Park House so far - what did you think?

    As we're getting married in January, we went for the Celebration package, but tweaked it a bit.  Happy to give you some advice if you do decide to book there - there's a few things I'd suggest image


  • Hello

    shrewsbury bride here. Prim hill barn 3rd October 2015image

  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    wow zoe, snap on the date image ( well fingers crossed this is the date we want to get married but havnt chosen a venue yet so hopefully it will still be available!) what made you choose this date? image xxxx

  • It was a combination of us both loving autumn, me qualifying and graduating as a mental health nurse in the September and I'm also turning 30 in the we thought October would be good as everything else is out of the way, and it can be just about us!

    ahh it's nice to be sharing a date with someone. What venues you got in mind? Xxx

  • Emma  2Emma 2 Posts: 102

    awww sounds lovely image

    Yeah its great we can share the date! it's all so exciting!!

    We really like Hadley Park House Hotel, and Madeley Court Hotel, the OH wants to see a few others first though xxx

  • Hi Emma
    I went to a wedding reception at Madeley Court a few months ago image
    I love the venue, but I was kind of glad we hadn't picked it for our wedding.  The one thing that really put me off was that the bar is downstairs from the main function room.  What we noticed is there were a lot of people downstairs around the bar area, rather than being upstairs where the dancefloor was...  I think it's nice to have a bit of a separate area for guests that don't want the loud music etc, but it seemed that there were a lot of people separated from the main party.  
    It was good in the sense that there was a photo booth and candy buffet downstairs, without taking up so much of the main room.  But also when we were upstairs, it was a bit of a pain having to go downstairs for drinks!

    Obviously this is just my opinion, and it might suit you differently, so I hope you don't mind me giving my thoughts! 

  • Hope you find the right venue Emma image And that we are still wedding date buddies haha!

    my venue pimhill have got a wedding fayre on Saturday. It'll be my first wedding fayre so I'm excited xx

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