ipods - can anyone help?

Ipods! I have read a few threads saying that people are using their ipods for the music at their reception I would love to know how this works?

Can anyone give me any idea how to do it in plain simple english?!! Please?!!

I get that we would have to have a computer/laptop but what about the speakers? surely the ones that come for computers are too small? Please tell me I know that I am being thick but I am old and unless it is in plain english I just don't get it!

I know that you are all really clever and will be able to help me!



  • You can buy special speakers with i-pod shaped prong thing so the i-pod can just be attached directly to the speakers.

    God, what a dreadful explanation. I have no doubt that some of the other girls will be able to explain it better but you're definitely right in saying computer speakers will sound too quiet & tinny.

    Aha - try this:

  • Hi

    I was the same - my h2b bought me an iPod for Christmas and I opened it and thought - "what do I do with it", but it's dead easy. I promise.

    You find an internet music downloading site. I use limewire. You then download your music with a connection lead which will come with the iPod. You can then play the iPod through earphones, small speakers which you can buy, your car stereo or a normal stereo (if it has the right connection). What you would need to do is buy a double ended wire attachment (mine is a mini-steareo cable for iPod), plug one end into the iPod and the other into a stereo - hey presto!

    I hope that was in plain english and not telling you how to suck eggs!!

    Any other questions, just ask and I will try my best to help.

    Hayley x
  • SwizzlepopSwizzlepop Posts: 737
    Ok well the first thing to do is to find out if your reception venue already has a PA system (speakers) as this will provide the best way to play the music. If they have then you can connect your laptop to their speaker system. To do this you will need a specific lead which your venue may already have, and if not they are easy to buy.

    Do you already have an ipod? If so then you should already have itunes on your laptop which is where you can create your playlists.

    If your reception venue does not have their own in built speakers then you can buy some for your ipod, the ones that will give the best sound are the Bose Sounddock and the Apple Hi-Fi, both of these devices allow your ipod to simply slot into them and the music can be played directly through the speakers.

    I hope this helps....
  • penguinukpenguinuk Posts: 705
    Ok I think that this is making a little bit of sense!!

    Yes we have an ipod and use Limewire but my h2b only uses earphones on it! Hence the thickness of my brain!!!

    Thanks for your help!
  • karenelkin1karenelkin1 Posts: 401
    Are the little Bose or Apple speakers good enough for a proper disco fest though?
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