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Trying to restrain myself

Hi ladies, i'm just having a bit of a rant!

My h2b and I work together, in a fairly large place, so had a big debate over who to invite from work to our evening reception- we eventually settled on our current teams and some other colleagues that we are particularly friendly with. In the latter category were a couple of ladies, who are good friends with each other- they've both worked with h2b for quite a few years and they were all quite close. One was invited more of a courtesy tbh, the other is still pretty friendly with h2b and her daughter goes to nursery with our son, we go to each other's children's birthdays etc. Neither RSVPed on time, when we chased it up, the first declined saying that she had a family function that night, and the other said she couldn't make it as she'll have just returned from holiday and couldn't really afford it with taxis and stuff. H2b was a disappointed that she couldn't come but accepted it, we're not out to cause people undue hardship just for our wedding, and she's a single parent working part-time so money is quite tight for her.

Flash forward to a few days ago, and the second woman posts on the first's Facebook wall that it's only 18 sleeps! A conversation follows which becomes clear is about a big night out that they've planned. All well and good, except that being in full-on wedding countdown mode, I instantly recognised 18 sleeps as being the same number as to the wedding! They're going out that night with a couple of other colleagues who weren't invited.

If they'd declined saying sorry, we've already got plans, I wouldn't have been that bothered. People have lives outside of our wedding! But the fact that they both lied about it and can't even be bothered to pretend when they know both me and h2b can see all of these posts is really annoying me! It's so bloody rude! There's another post on today about it being 15 sleeps and my fingers are itching to post a pointed status of my own about the number of days to the wedding. I know that starting a bitchfest on Facebook is not really a great use of my time and energy in the run up to the wedding and I should rise above it, but oooh, i'm sorely tempted! The perils of Facebook eh... Xx


  • PepperPotPepperPot Posts: 115

    I agree with the perils of Facebook comment!! My cousin has booked her wedding abroad over mine so won't be in the country. She has invited some family members knowing full well they would miss mine and plastered over FB how pleased she was that they were going to hers, about 10mins after emailing me how sorry she was at her 'mistake' of booking hers over mine! It turns out the family members in question are flying out to hers later in the week in order to make both weddings but Facebook makes for some pretty annoying reading at times!! 

    In response to your situation, I would try to keep quiet as they seem pretty childish and I wouldn't want to give them the satisfaction of them knowing you and H2B are a little annoyed at their dishonesty!! maybe they are jealous? I wish you a fantastic wedding day, don't let people that don't matter, matter!! Xx

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Same here, booked our wedding 1.5 years in advance so everyone had plenty of warning. My sister made a group for my hen do, all but one responded. My sister sent a few messages to the group about the event and one person still didn't respond to say if she was going.

    Last week I saw the person had booked to go to NY over the sch holidays. I didn't respond. Then we needed the deposit so I emailed her to ask if she could go and found out she has booked for 3 weeks, so will miss my hen and wedding. Pretended that she hadn't realised but one of our group of friends got married on the day this year, she had a save the date, we have spoken about it several times and all the posts on fb. I hate that she lied, thats what has bothered me most.

    I have to admit I would be tempted to post "have a great time at your family function" but what would it achieve? They would probably feel guilty for 2 secs then laugh. If they are like that its probably best they are not there.

  • VictoriaoVictoriao Posts: 1,536

    Facebook is quickly becoming my least favourite site since announcing my engagement. It has already caused me headaches and watched people become extremely two faced. Take a deep breath and move on. It won't achieve other than being called a bridezilla. You know the truth and you know who you can trust in future.

    Facebook brings out the worst in people and everyone forgets that it is a worldwide forum and no matter what your security settings are your posts are there for the world to see. Enjoy your last few (hopefully not too panicked) days of engagement and gear up for the celebration of your life!

    Good luck. xxx

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I agree that you shouldnt concern yourselves with it anymore - they are obviously unable to be upfront with you and you dont need to be worrying about people like that. They are also only colleagues afterall, perhaps they felt bad for the people not invited. Thats in no way an excuse, but people can behave strangely when it comes to weddings!

    Best of luck for your big day!


  • I came off facebook because of people like that! Best thing I did image


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