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I've been having trouble working out who to have as my maid of honor, was deciding between 3 friends but can only have the 1 grown up / bridesmaid. I'm currently having 2 young ones (our nieces) but can't decide whether to ask my cousins 2 girls too,,, one who I'm godmother to. So would mean 4 little ones who will be 4,5,9 and 10 but then no big one... I'm finding it hard to decide who to ask anyway. Obviously the nieces know they Re going to be flower girl/ bridesmaids but I'd love the other 2 girls too. A friend of mine didn't even have any bridesmaids or flower girls so I know its do able... What do you all think???


  • MrsLMrsL Posts: 44
    I kind of feel bad I haven't asked my cousins 2 girls as we are really close too,,,
  • do you need a MOH? i'm only having 2 bridesmaids and i didnt want to choose between them. i suppose in your case if its all younger ones then you've got no one to delegate hen party duties too but im sure your 3 friends would help with that wouldnt they?

    i've been told the MOH main duty is to be your witness and to sign on the day so i've asked my mum to do it instead. x

  • MrsLMrsL Posts: 44

    i can't afford to have more than 1 adult bm but want to pay for dresses etc.. My best friend has a new baby but I wasn't her bridesmaid, my cousin and I are really close and would be perfect but isn't girly girl but is ideal and sister in law to be get on well buta a she doesn't like to party much dunno what my hen party would work out like,,, 

  • I am having 3 adult bridesmaids but no maid of honour as didn't want to highlight one as being more important. My dad is walking me down the isle but I want to include my step-dad so I will be asking him at Xmas if he would be my witness. Xxx

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