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Hiring out your wedding decorations?

So I'm getting married next August and to keep myself rolling on the wedding bandwagon now I'm in a bit of a lull I've started making my table decorations, in particular the table numbers. And tooting my own horn massively here, they look AMAZING! I copied an idea I'd seen on Etsy and have made them so much cheaper than what they are selling for and they actually look better than the originals.

So good in in fact I'm wondering about hiring them out - does anyone know of any brides who have done this with any success? Cant decide whether its worth it or not (postage would be a pain as they are wooden numbers) but they are just so pretty it would be a shame to have them sitting around only to be used once!

Would any of you lovely brides (and grooms) consider hiring table numbers? Not mine obviously but just in general? Mine are not bog standard table numbers, they are free standing, around 7 inches and are covered in gold glitter making them super sparkly! I would be thinking around £30 to hire a set of numbers (1-12), buying the similar ones off Etsy would be about £55 not including shipping or any taxes that come with shipping from the US. Does that sound too expensive? I appreciate they might not be for brides on a mega tight budget but they are super pretty and very unique!

And for any moderators - I'm not advertising my table numbers in any way shape or form, just want to see if brides (and grooms) do bother with hiring items like this to see if its worth my time advertising them on various sites etc.


  • im trying to hire most things for my wedding as there is no point in buying them and having them clog up my house, its really annoying when you cant hire everything and instead have about 5 different suppliers for everything

    as long as your product is good quality im sure that people would happily hire rather than buy

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    I hired a few things from a bride who set up her own hire business following her wedding. She found it really frustrating having to source things from different suppliers and ended up spending a lot of money buying good quality things (such as candelabra, bird cages, sweetie bar) as it was more cost effective to buy and then sell on again after the wedding. Her business is going really well - link here if you're interested:

    I think there's definitely a market out there for good quality hire items. I don't think I personally would have paid £30 to hire a set of numbers (mainly because I bought photo frames and put my table names in them which cost me about £35 for 10 tables and they looked really lovely) but there's no reason why you couldn't try that price and bring it down if you don't get any interest.

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