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others opinions please

Hi.... we are booked to hold a ceremony and a 3 course meal at my mist favourite place.

Its quite expensive, so we chose to book this, and do away with an evening do (the venue we have picked is dearer in the evening). We were planning on inviting 55 of our closest friends and family (20 of these are children).

However, we have now had a change of heart, and decided to look into an evening do. This way we can invite everyone we would love to share our day with.   But to afford this, we would have to cut our ceremony and meal down to half the guests, and invite friends to just the evening reception.  

My friends know where we have booked and keep talking about how lovely it looks, and they cant wait to see it on the day (no one has received an invite yet).

What would you do?   I know I could of chosen somewhere more affordable, but I love this place x


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    That's such a diffiult one!  Have you sat down and tried to halve your guest list, to see if you can actually do it?  The venue is really important, and everyone has a budget which means you have to compromise on certain things, but the last thing you want is to upset friends or family and/ or  regret people not being at your wedding afterwards.  Have you thought about maybe just having a 2 course meal and possibly serving the weddingt cake as dessert?  Or cutting down on the drinks package if you're having one?  Also, for the eveining reception some food options are cheaper than others- for example we paid £8.50 per head for mini fish & chips at our venue as opposed to £17 per head for a buffet!  Just trying to think of some ways to cut down costs so that you can accomodate everyone you want to x 

  • At the end of the day it is your wedding and you know where you want to get married. The venue that me and my other half went with was very expensive and I am from a massive family so I have to say to half my cousins they can't come. But to be hosted the cousin I am really closet to and speak to all time I have invited and cut the ones I don't see or speak to as often.

    Is there any family memebers you could possibly cut? As I know it is important to have your friends there, or maybe friends only and don't give them a +1

  • Do you have to invite 20 children? That's quite a lot considering there is only 55 in total.  It could reduce the cost if you didn't invite them all? If not, I'm sure your friends would understand, after all they'd still be going to the venue they're so excited about but in the evening.

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    can you choose a different day? as weekday weddings are much cheaper? talk to the hotel to see if they can do anything cheaper? or is there somewhere different you can go to for your reception that is nearby? if its during summer would a marquee be cheaper etc and a BBQ at night would be cheap too?

    20 kids is alot! we are only having 3 but 8 are counted as free with our package - maybe enquire about that?

  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    Have you already confirmed the original numbers with your venue?

  • Suze kSuze k Posts: 13


    Im sure your guests will understand if they don't go to the meal. Plus hopefully they'll be partying during the evening do anyway! 


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