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Worried 11am ceremony too early!?

Hi all,

newbie here, please be gentle!

i am freaking out abit, all my own fault. completely forgot to book the flipping registrar when we booked our venue 6 months ago. anyway, with 9 months to go i called them this week and was told the only available slots were 11am or 4pm.

I chose 11am as 4pm seemed too late in the day.

however, we are having the ceremony and reception all at the same venue so we will all be there for 12 hours (venue is hired until 11pm). just a bit worried about how to fill the time between the main events.

am I right to be worried?!

thanks xxx


  • What time will you have your sit down dinner? You might have to be mindful of timings for both wedding breakfast and evening food as longer day for people to keep going through,that and having something for people to do.

  • LivelifeloveLivelifelove Posts: 1,024 New bride

    Bring your wedding breakfast forward to 2pm, evening guests at 6.30 and it'll work fine x 

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    You will be fine, just be able to start the evening bit at a decent time. I get married at 12:30, because 9 months before or wedding date the registrar only had that our 5pm available. Provisionally booked the venue as we were worried the registrar wouldn't be available.

    Anyway during our initial planning meeting the timings mean the evening do will start at 8pm which is too late for our liking so we are looking at what can be shortened timing wise, time for speeches and drinks reception will probably be shortened.

    Your looking at 30 mins for ceremony minimum

    30 mins group shots

    90 mins drinks reception, this is the minimum time our venue and photographer advised, this is when you do your couple pictures

    2 hours for the wedding breakfast excluding speeches, or that's what we were advised seems a bit long

    1 hour speeches and cake cutting

    So that's 5 and half hours and that doesn't include anything being delayed like key nnnn people disappearing during the group shots!

    I would like at least 4 hours to dance and the evening buffet will probably take an hour or so.

    10.5 hours sorted image

    One thing to consider is will your photographers package cover everything you want, we have 8 hours of their time but are considering an extra hour so we will definitely get our first dance photographed professionally.

  • HydrogirlHydrogirl Posts: 809

    timing sounds fine but remember that means you will have to get up earlier to get ready! - for everone who is not wedding party 11am is an acceptable time image

  • JenskiJenski Posts: 45

    Your day will fly by so quickly that you'll be glad you got a bit of extra time, and will give you longer to spend chatting to people. My only thought (after being a guest at early weddings) would be making sure you feed people canapes or similar to keep them going, in case they've had an early start and might be starving (and also might help soak up some alcohol for the early drinkers)!!

  • Make your ceremony a bit longer with fun readings! X

  • I agree with Jenski, people need canapes and nibbles if they are going to have a long day. There is nothing worse than being hungry somewhere like a wedding or party etc. And you will definitely need something to soak up the alcohol, as having an earlier wedding means people start drinking earlier! Maybe hire some games too like giant jenga, at weddings we have been to this goes down a treat and gets different groups of people talking as well as filling time image


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