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Ideas for card post box please!

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for ideas for an unusual card post box for our wedding. I had my heart set on a vintage suitcase but 1. these are becoming a bit too common now for my liking, and 2. both my H2B and dad are adamant that whatever we use must be secure, so that no one can just pick up cards (possibly containing money) and walking off with them.

I don't really like the idea of the original cardboard post boxes, or the replica Royal Mail ones that you can hire, again I just want something a bit different.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! X


  • I bought a wooden one with lock off ebay for £16. It's unfinished so you can decorate how you want. The seller also sells wooden letters you can glue on. 

  • Don't suppose you have a link or the sellers name so I can have a look? X

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    I've got a wooden one. I covered the detail on it in vintage paper.  It's lockable too.  It has been borrowed a few times in the run up to my wedding & will be for sale after 28th March if you like it.  I did the same to the frame of a blackboard that will become our table plan.



  • VicNVicN Posts: 1,352

    My H2B made me a wooden crate which I have painted and stencilled with our details on. Why do you think someone you've invited to your wedding would steal from you? Or is your wedding in a public space? 

  • Kerry19Kerry19 Posts: 201

    Oooh i love the postbox  MrsSabs, when your selling it will you keep me in mind please? Its just what im looking for x

  • We



    are having a birdcage something like this. I'm going to make it soon.



  • Redkatruby- Thank you so much for that, really like the idea that it can be decorated yourself, so completely personal.


    MrsSabs- how much would you be looking to sell yours for?


    VicN2B- I hadn't considered it until my h2b brought it up. No I don't think someone we have invited would steal from us, otherwise they obviously wouldn't be getting an invite lol! However, I have heard a few stories of cards containing money or vouchers going missing, so don't want to run the risk. Our wedding is not in a public space but there will be numerous people around that aren't invited guests, caterers etc, and so would rather have the peace of mind.

  • DollyDaydream- as beautiful as birdcages are my h2b really doesn't like them so will have to rule that one out! Thankyou though x

  • MrsSabsMrsSabs Posts: 560

    I bought it for £40 we don't know what it's worth really so open to offers plus postage. 

    We've got the top floor of our venue so wanted peace of mind just like you say

  • Thanks MrsSabs, not ready to buy just yet but will definitely keep an eye out for it once you're married!

    Best of luck! X 

  • Thank you Stephb1986. This is the one Redkatruby suggested above, and I think this is probably what we will go for!

    How will you be decorating yours? X

  • Just an update for you all, I have gone ahead and purchased the one on ebay that Redkatruby and Stephb1986 suggested, so thank you ladies image Looking forward to decorating this and making it our own! X



  • Mrs L to beMrs L to be Posts: 414

    I have been interested in this card box - could you post a picture once yours arrives? My only concern is that the slot for cards looks a little thin and if someone gives a card that is has any embellishments on or with vouchers in they may not fit? 

  • Stephb1986Stephb1986 Posts: 2,536

    Mine is currently being lacquered and a decal being put on so will post a picture of mine at the weekend. 


    Steph xx

  • Mrs L to beMrs L to be Posts: 414

    Thanks image 

  • image

     This is my work in progress

  • Hi Mrs L to be, I'll try and post a photo later in the week, my friend has borrowed my battery charger so no camera at the mo! I'm really pleased with it, but as you say, the card slot is a little thin, and could be made longer aswell, but I'm hoping this will be easy to rectify.

    Redkatruby - looking good! (As is the toblerone image) X 

  • Toblerone was a very good ruler for getting the letters straight image

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