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Walking up the aisle

I think your moh is fine to walk alone. As she's your moh rather than a 'bridesmaid' then I don't think it will look weird at all.

I think with when you start walking down the aisle, you can play it by ear. You don't know how long it will take them all to walk that distance so maybe just see if there's a particular point in the song on the day that sounds right as long as it's not too far behind the rest of the bridal party.


  • I don't think it will make your MOH look alone, I'm only having adult bridesmaids and they will all be walking in on their own so I don't think anyone will notice. If anything it will maybe make her stand out as the MOH.

  • i agree, I think your MOH on her own would be special. I would send little one and mum, tHe bigger boy and mum and the. MOH image x

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