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Stag worries?

Hi! Has anyone felt upset/worried at the thought of strippers on the stag weekend?

I trust him, he'd never cheat, and I'm not usually a jealous person at all. It's just the thought of what will happen.

I'm sure most people will say "it's a bit of fun, it's a stag, he's marrying you, it doesn't mean anything, get over it."

I get that, but I still feel the same about it... Can't wait til it's over!

I wondered if it's normal to feel this way?


  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Have you been to a strip club? My ex went there for his birthday and I was dragged along. Glad I saw reality. The girls are not in the slightest bit interested and its ridiculously expensive. I really wouldn't worry.

    My OH is going to Prague for 5 days image I will probably worry while he is there, but there is no point worrying about something you cannot do anything about. Our imagination is often a lot worse. If you are REALLY worried you could have a joint night out.

  • MrsMGtobeMrsMGtobe Posts: 612

    I think it's totally normal to feel a bit of worry, but I have been in a strip club too. I wouldn't worry too much.

    Could you plan your hen celebrations for the same time as his stag so your mind is otherwise occupied?

  • Victoria25Victoria25 Posts: 250

    I'm not worried about my H2B because the last time he went to a strip club he fell asleep! His friends are more interested in that sort of thing than he is.

    Anyway I am thinking of having a hen life drawing class for my hen do so I can't really complain if he has a stripper. I'd be looking at naked bits for a lot longer than he would!image

  • Rcl-09Rcl-09 Posts: 49

    Thank you everyone, no I haven't actually been to one lol.

    I am going to do something the same weekend but I don't want a fuss at all, I'm just having a hen to keep others who want me to have one happy! I'd much rather go to someone else's hen, not my own lol! Will prob just be a meal & some drinks.

    Dont know why it's been bugging me really, maybe the stress of everything else is making me feel like it's worse than it actually is!

    I'm prob just over thinking it all image

    Victoria your hen sounds fun! xx

  • Victoria25Victoria25 Posts: 250

    I think with men, having a stripper always seems quite 'leery' whereas with women it's more portrayed as just a bit of a laugh.  Women probably get a bit more hands on though!

    I wouldn't worry about your OH, if you say you trust him then it should be alright image  

  • Mrs pickleMrs pickle Posts: 319

    I'm not worried, I know my h2b thinks they're a waste of money and it's inevitable his mates will pay for him to have a dance or whatever. But I am doing exactly the same thing for my hen and going to the Adonis Caberet!

  • J14J14 Posts: 121

    I totally understand, I'm no prude or strong feminist but I do not like the stripper / topless bar thing.   I once said if your mates came around would it be ok for me to be naked walking around serving drinks? ... answer no lol.  At the end of the day its all about personal choice and the thing is the guys will probably think its the done thing unfortunately.   I agree Its not about thinking they will cheat I'm like you im not jealous and people will say its just fun but personally I dont agree with it. 

  • Mrs BakeMrs Bake Posts: 1,651

    I worry too - not because I don't trust D, but his mates will do some awful stuff as payback. I'm not worried about cheating because I know he'll be too drunk to even get a rise let alone do anything! image

    I told the lads to have the stag do in May so he has time to recover (grow eyebrows back, get rid of the orange tan etc)

  • MrsMc9814MrsMc9814 Posts: 422

    I'm not worried in the slightest even though it's inevitable that the boys will end up there on Mr Mc's stag purely based on one of the attendees, haha!!

    I wouldn't be worried anyway, purely on the basis that Mr Mc has always said they're not all they're cracked up to be - he says the girls aren't as attractive as you'd expect, and even if they were, you can touch them anyway, so if they were attractive and you had a private dance or whatever, you'd end up being uncomfortable, hahaaaaa!!!! image

  • I've told the best men to make sure they get a stripper lol! It will be his first and last chance to get one (not a private dance - one that comes into a pub ect) and I want a picture of his face haha!

  • MrsA2b2014MrsA2b2014 Posts: 105

    I can completely understand why your a little worried about the stag, I'm exactly the same! H2B is going to Prague for the weekend and it's inevitable that they will end up in a strip club which doesn't bother me but I've made it clear if he has a private dance I won't be best pleased! haha 

  • My fiance is going abroad with a dozen friends. It's something they have done for the last 3 stag's and I have never worried about him. I trust him and like you said he's marrying me he wouldn't do anything naughty or underhanded but I've heard all the tales of what they get up to and because it's his stag I'm concerned this time.

    I know he'll be fine deep down I'm just being a bit of a wimp, It's natural, you love him try not to worry I'm sure he'll be on his best behavior! 

  • Rcl-09Rcl-09 Posts: 49

    Thanks these replies are making me feel better image
    I agree with loads of the stuff that you are all saying! I'm not happy but nothing we can do I guess! I will have to try & forget it & plan hen for the same weekend... x


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