Valentines Day 2015

I would be intrigued to know how many of you brides are getting married on Valentines Day is a SATURDAY!!!  I've seen very little news on this and wondered if many people actually realise how romantically attractive that date would be to couples getting married.  Jules 


  • VintageRoseVintageRose Posts: 174

    Yes I am ????????

  • JLMJLM Posts: 205

    We went for April 11th as we didn't want to get married on valentines day... And are limited to school holidays as I am a teacher! 

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,744

    How's plans goin vintage?

  • VintageRoseVintageRose Posts: 174

    Hi Weddin Crazy!

    Wedding plans are going great - most things sorted now, mainly just little things that need doing closer to the time image

    How's married life? Have you got your photographs back yet, I saw a few you looked fab image x

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,744

    Glad plans are going well! Married life is going gr8 thanks. We hav got disc of photos but not gettin album for another week yet. If u want to see any photos of hall etc I hav just let me knw n I'll see wt I have got image 

  • no-one yet then!  There's sure to be some BIG Valentines Night parties though.

  • VintageRoseVintageRose Posts: 174

    I'm getting married on Valentines Day 2015!

  • Ah yes, apologies for overlooking your news.  And would it by any chance be a 'vintage'; one?  It seems to be a strong option nowadays with many wedding fairs adopting a vintage section.

  • Anna22Anna22 Posts: 157
    I am too, we just booked the date at the town hall last week. The registrar said that not many other brides had booked the day (only 2 other weddings on that day).

    This is in London so I am quite surprised.

    We've received some negative feedback from family about the date - has anyone else had this?
  • yes it's a real surprise (from a DJ point of view) as I though it would be day high in demand.

  • I am getting married valentines day 2016, its a Sunday but the following week is half term so families can still make it image

  • I DJ'ed a wedding on a Monday at the beginning of the summer holidays .  The majority of the guests were teachers and their partners, and they were ready to party! 

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