What song is guaranteed to get you on the dancefloor?

My OH and I are currently compiling our evening playlist. His only only big  request so far has been that we don't have a dj inbetween the bands sets and instead do the playlist ourselves. Easy peasy I thought! Errr not quite! We seemed to be locked in a constant battle. Whilst his choices may earn him cool points they will leave us with an empty dancefloor! We  have had some requests back through our rsvps and I have suggested lots myself but he either hasn't heard of them of turns his nose up. So please help me show him what people actually want to dance to 


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    Hope it makes sense! My phone hate the forum! Thanks in advance ladies 

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    My OH hates dancing but cares a lot about music. No one will want to dance to a lot of the music he wants to hear but it is his wedding too, and having nothing but wedding floor fillers he doesn't enjoy will make him miserable.

    I suggest you break the playlist up into mini-sets and think about when they will be played. If there is a cool muso's set, that could be when snacks/buffet is served so most people won't be wanting to dance. If there's no food break then maybe have that set straight after the band as a chill out, then put the floot fillers on to get everyone back to the dancefloor before the band starts again.

    Ask him whether his choices are for dancing to or for listening to. If they are for listening to then split them as above. If dancing, then ask him who he thinks will be dancing to his choices? If he says him and his mates, then you can suggest you will also need a "hens and grannies" set of tunes (also, not instead), and agree which set goes where. If he thinks the hens and grannies will be dancing to his music - then I'm out of ideas! (Maybe ask the hens and grannies in front of him whether they'd dance to his choices?)

    The main thing is don't try to mix up the dancing and non dancing tracks, or mates and hens and grannies tracks, because they will fight each others' mood. You want to get the flow on the dancefloor, so it's better I think to have a lull of a set of tracks when people aren't dancing than to have on/off/on/off.


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    i'd go with either cheese or current pop hits tbh. 

    as much as i hate cheese it does gt people on the floor.

    stuff like kylie, madonna, abba etc

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    For me personally it would be Killers, fratellis, kings of leon.....basically the type of music they used to play in Walkabout! lol Me and my OH have had similar disagreements but not with each other-with our DJ! image We asked for a short set in the middle of the night to include our favourite music such as bands I listed above but the DJ wanted to play lots of cheese! Eugh! I hope we have now found a suitable compromise that will keep all the guests happy and the dance floor full. Although I personally will be hitting the bar when the macarena comes on lol

    At a friends wedding we attended recently they had their first dance to a 10min medley of prodigy and pendulum songs and the dance floor was packed! I think the general rule is once someones up most people will follow! image

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    Thank you for your replies. We have already agreed to do it in sections to try and have a balance and have something for everybody. I am more than happy to play as many of his choices as he wants. The problem is if he hasn't heard of it or he doesn't like it it won't go on the list. I just wanted to show him that what people choose to put on their iPod and what they choose to dance to are often to very different things! I am currently listening to Laura Marling but it is Stevie Wonder Superstition that would get me dancing every time!image

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    Haha Twiddlysticks. One of the msin reasons we aren't having a dj is so thst we  don't have to endure macarena and saturday night!

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    Cotton eyed joe! Lol.  x

  • Mel GibbsMel Gibbs Posts: 34

    Who Let The Dogs Out (Not sure if it's the right title) image

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    If I hear 'I gotta a feeling' by the black eyed peas you cant keep me down lol. 

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    Anything 80's gets me dancing... Or the Spice Girls.

    Slightly shameful for someone that mainly listens to melancholy indie or rock lol 

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    Shamefully whitney I wonna dance with somebody haha. I have banned ABBA from our evening do lol.. as soon as i hear dancing queen off i stomp haha, drives me nuts x

  • Our set list will give you an idea for music which works for every generation. 

    http://kabukimusic.co.uk/  Hope it helps

  • MisseMisse Posts: 11

    Get some motown and some disco in there too.... for example i love hearing:

    1) Boogie wonderland

    2) September

    3) Got to be real

    4) Boogie wonderland 


  • Our set list exactly - good on you Misse, excellent advice for the lady for tracks


  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    The killers- mr brightside  and all these things that I've done.

    Tina turner-proud mary

    kings of Leon-sex on fire

    queen-most songs

    If I'm in the mood almost anything will get me up for a boogie image 

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