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Looking for advice on reducing visible scarring

So I recently had to have a couple of moles removed, one on my back which healed really nicely, the other on my forearm, just above my wrist, which hasn't gone so smoothly. It was a lovely neat surgery ...


But then when they took the stitches out it burst open ...



 And now it has made a mess healing ...


 And I'm really worried that I now have is massive purple scar on my arm, beautifully visible when I get married in 5 weeks ... Argh!! Has anyone got any tips for reducing the appearance of scars? My mum has suggested bio oil and concealer but I'm not sure how well either would work ... Desperately needing some guidance please! X


  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    Ouch poor you! Bio oil is really good, and you can also get some really good vitamin e creams that help too. Worth going into Boots or somewhere and asking, and paying a bit more. Ultimately, it's quite a short time frame, so you are unlikely to remove the scar completely, but if you use oil/vit e cream every day, it should hopefully heal, and fade, and make up on the day will help! x

  • KS70KS70 Posts: 23

    Cover fx make up is meant to be really good. they have a counter in Harvey Nichols in manchester. I'll be paying them a visit to try and cover one of my old red scars.  Don't worry too much about it, people won't notice it as much as you think they will xx

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    Mum knows best on this one I reckon. Bio Oil is meant to work really well. Maybe speak to your makeup artist as well (if you have one) to give her the heads up that you'd like some help covering it. 


  • SongbirdsingsSongbirdsings Posts: 1,290

    Bio oil worked well for me on a large scar...but it was over a longer period of time. You say it's above your wrist..could you wear a statement bracelet/cuff over it? Hard to tell from photos. 

  • tinkymootinkymoo Posts: 419

    I would go for bio oil to x

  • Sarah C89Sarah C89 Posts: 368 New bride

    Thank you very much ladies - mum does usually know best! I just have never heard of it before and am always a wee bit sceptical ... but I will try it, hey I can't do much else on the time frame! Wish me luck with getting a nice pale scar!! xx

  • hautocrafthautocraft Posts: 263 New bride

    You can often get offers on Bio Oil, 200ml is normally £19.99 but can pick it up for £10 in Co-Operative Pharmacy or Amazon online.  Failing that, Costco often sell two for £20 (not sure if it includes or excludes VAT).

    Interestingly, I was reading a thread about Bio Oil just the other day and apparently they've been asked to tone down their blurb about it working because it's not been scientificially proven?!?  I think it works well for some people, but not everyone!  Guess it depends on your scar/situation/how you heal/immune system etc.

    Read it here:

    Hope that helps.


  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    I have a very very similar scar also from a mole removal on my chest. In honesty you are going to need makeup to cover it as it likely won't have faded enough for Bio-oil to make much of a difference in the timeframe. It should be completely healed over though such that makeup will work and you get some AMAZING coverups out there. Speak to your makeup artist or do some googling

    Remember that your photographer would be able to airbrush it out of photos too so try not to worry on that front.


  • Dermalmd scar serum is really reducing the visibility of my scars by taking the red out. Also they have smoothed out so they are level with the rest of my skin. Also makes them feel much better.

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    i find bio oil to be rubbish, i used it for years on a scar and it did nothing at all, but this particular scar was tight and itchy so I used the oil to relieve discomfort mainly. It took at least 5 years to turn fully silver even with the oil.

    So id say youre best bet is makeup.

    my mua does tattoo coverage so Im sure itd work on a scar. Ask yours if they can do it, or recommend a product you could buy if they dont.

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