I was just wondering if anyone has got married in Essex recently? 


I'm getting married here next October, and am looking for recommendations on photographers, videographers, photobooth hires and anything else I've forgotten about!


  • I'm on another of these forums with hundreds of Essex brides! 

    Begins with H....



  • Rose1624Rose1624 Posts: 84

    Congrats on your engagement. I'm getting married in Chelmford, Essex.

    Have you had a look at Edge Photography

  • Have a look at Knight and day photography!

  • Hi Sophia15

    We are getting married next April in Essex (Stockbrook Manor) and have been planning for about 14 months, so plenty of recommendations;

    Where are you getting married and what style of wedding are you having? (Modern, Vintage, Contemporary?)


    JJJ Photography (our chosen photographer)

    Lindrum Photography

    Jasmine Jade

    Dan Casson/Studio One


    Philip Smith Visuals (Our videographer)

    Rideout Films


    The Orchid Rooms (Our florist)

    Lily & May

    Blue Iris Floristry


    Hair by Michelle Walker 

    Debbie Lloyd Make up Artist

    Essex Wedding Beauty (Lisa Alger)

    Dawn Taylor Hair & Make Up

    Karleigh Marsh MUA


    Devine Designs by Natasha

    Village Stationary

    Most of these are on Facebook and have their own websites too xxx


  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    Thanks for all your recommendations, I'm going to check them out now image  

  • MrsMJr2014MrsMJr2014 Posts: 229
    Rose1624 wrote (see)

    Congrats on your engagement. I'm getting married in Chelmford, Essex.

    Have you had a look at Edge Photography

    I cannot recommend the Edge Photography enough, they did my wedding back in March and the photographer, Scott, is SO professional and even made someone like me, who hates having their photo taken, love the day and having my picture taken!

  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    Oooh I'll check the edge photography out now, I hate having my photo taken too so this sounds good! 

  • Most people are a little coy and maybe critical of their appearance to some degree.

    A good photographer can certainly install confidence in their subject.

    Flirting with the camera can be fun and at times outrageous it's good to relax, enjoy and be yourself!

    Ideally see at least four, look at the work and be an individual..



  • Check out this unique video style it's great! 

  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    I need other bride-to-be's opinions! 

    Is £1100 expensive for a photographer? around 9 hours coverage with 250 edited photos on a memory stick. I'm spending almost £1500 on a videographer so the costs are quickly adding up! 

  • Hi Sophia.

    £1,100.00 is a reasonably low average for a quality photographer, Yes there are plenty of people chargeing less that this, but most of these have limited experience and want to gain a foothold in the market.

    An average charge for a good reasonable photographer would be in the region of £1,600.00, sounds a lot but the images are priceless and you have them for a life time!

    Economise and there is potential to have a lifetime of regret, believe me when I say I have seen it many times.

    Incidentally I have never known a videographer charge £1500, I recommend a BBC guy who has shot footage literally all over the world, Think he charges around £800.00.

    Good Luck


  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    I'm still looking for a reasonably priced florist for my wedding next October in Essex, please send me your recommendations! 

  • Florist recommendations:

    • Caroline Price at The Orchid Room
    • Lily & May
    • Blue Iris Floristy
    • The flower mill
    • Stock Florist
    • TJ Designer Studio

    Our photographer produces over 500 pictures on a usb stick, plus an additional stick with the edited versions - with 10+hours coverage for £550.

    The videographer is £800 for the same hours and a 4-6 min highlight film along with full recordings of the ceremony, speeches, cake, first dance etc


  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    Thanks! image Only looking for a florist now as have everything else sorted so I'll take a look at your reccomendations x 

  • Sophia15 have you tried Traditional Vintage Flower Company? She's based in Essex, I've  booked her for my September 2015 wedding. Her flowers are stunning! 

    Plus as an added bonus, she has a room of vintage props and decorations she lets you use for free image

  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    Oh that's great! I have heard of her as she does a lot of weddings at my venue, but I didn't know about the vintage props and things, I think I'll contact her, thank you! image 

  • No problem image 

    She's absolutely lovely and the props/decorations was such a bonus! She was setting up for a wedding the day I went to view my venue so we were lucky enough to see her flowers all set up, really beautiful!

  • Can only really say for Photobooths = 

    We did alot of the smaller bits ourself for our wedding, we had a bit of a festival theme though so you can, alot of shopping around will save you alot though! 

  • If you need a good DJ, take a look here for some great ideas.

  • MariaaMariaa Posts: 73

    Hi, if you're looking for a good photographer, Peter Lane is one of the best. He was photographer at the wedding of my friend, and the photos are really amazing. You can take a look image

  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    Thanks for all your reccomendations but i have all my suppliers booked now, it's just a florist I'm still deciding on xx

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