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Wedding albums


having just gotten married in Santorini, I'm looking now to get a photo album made. I quite like photo books but I really like the idea of having a traditional album with actual pictures in it. 

Man angone recommend any companies?


  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    I can't help at all, but just wanted to comment that I agree with you that the traditional style albums are lovely.  There's something very special about looking through my parents and grandparents albums, where each photo is on it's own page, and all the pages are separated by a sheet of tissue paper image  Seems like not even photographers offer these any more though?

  • We bought a photo album from the range, its a large white one and put 2 photos on each page, the pages are separated by tissue paper. I think it was only about £12 it took ages to fill and put the photos in order but i love it, looks so much better than the photo books that are around at the min, although they do look nice as well i just prefer the old style books

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