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I'm jusy looking at ordering my wedding cake but unsure of how big it needs to be. When do you cut the cake; at the day or night reception? Does the cake just need to be made to feed the number of people coming to the day or include the night guests aswell. Any help would be grateful image 


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    Im not sure about size so I cant help on that sorry, but if you tell your cakemaker how many people you have going (incl evening guests) then they;ll give you an estimate of what size you need?

    I think you can cut it when you like really, I have been to weddings where the cake is cut after speeches/wedding breakfast and then served with coffee after the main meal. For the evening guests some of the cake would then be sliced and put out with the evening buffet. I have also been to weddings where the cake wasn't cut until all the evening guests arrived and the venue then wrapped pieces up for people to take away with them or it went out with the buffet. I dont think it really matters but we are cutting ours after the wedding breakfast.

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    We're having three tiers - the biggest is 12", and that's for 90 people. We're also doing a separate sponge (decorated the same way) for people who don't like fruit cake. It'll be cut and served with coffee and then put out to have at the same time as cheese in the evening.

    We'll be left with quite a lot (keeping the top tier for any future baby!), but there are always people to eat it in our family, and it gives us enough to box up and send to people who couldn't come. Hope that helps.

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    We had 4 tiers, 12in, 10in, 8in and 6in it was way too much! We had roughly 120 guests for the night do and we actually came home with the whole 10in tier! It totally depends on how your cake is cut, ours were quite small pieces hence why we had so much left over! Talk to your cake maker, they will be able to tell you what size is best. We served ours with our evening buffet x

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    You're cake person will advise on servings per cake.  We are having three tiers 12, 10, 8 inches in flavoured sponge and an 8 inch cutting cake in traditional fruit cake and that will feed 160.  Although the servings per cake depend on the shape on the cakes too.

    we are cutting our cake just before our first dance and it will be cut and put out with our evening buffet.  Our baker sent us this rough guide xe



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    We cut our's after all the evening guests had arrived and then it was put out with the evening food later on.  I totally ignored any concept of getting the right amount of cake, and I just got a massive four tier cake because I wanted one lol (my parents are now complaining about the three tiers they have in their freezer though...).  

  • If you look on google hun at cake serving charts they will tell you all need to know.. but if you'd rather have proper pieces instead of those tiny wont feed a mouse slices then go by the party size and not the wedding size x

  • Lol Spam88 im having four tiers (top tier will be a dummy) and cupcakes for less than 100ppl so we'll be eating it for months after!

  • If you look on google hun at cake serving charts they will tell you all need to know.. but if you'd rather have proper pieces instead of those tiny wont feed a mouse slices then go by the party size and not the wedding size x

  • I can't help with size as I don't make cakes - can't even remember what sizes our tiers are!!

    The cutting of the cake will all depend on when you're serving it.  We're having ours as the dessert for our wedding meal so will be cutting it before we sit down for dinner.  At most of the weddings I've been to it's been cut after the speeches and then brought out for the buffet.  I've also been to one where it's been cut just before the first dance.

  • Hiya Hun this is my field so I can help lol!!

    everyone is different and some dont even cut the cake and take it home! 

    Id say give your cake maker a guide on how many people you want to feed (day or day&evening) and go from there.

    I  usually give different size options.

    also if you want a big cake but not the price tag left overs dummy cakes are a good way to go 

    c x

  • I'm thinking of just having it made for enough people for the day but didn't know if the people that are coming to the night would expect cake aswell

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    Out of curiosity does anyone know how long an iced sponge cake would last after it was made, i.e. would it go stale by the time we were back from a 2 week honeymoon? And also is it possible to freeze sponge cake??

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    Our's is chocolate sponge and the lady who made it said we could freeze it...we haven't tried any defrosted yet though lol.

  • you should be able to freeze it but make sure you check with your baker to make sure it hasn't previously been frozen, some bakers i know freeze their sponges if they are snowed under and dont have time to make it all in one go although i personally would never freeze a sponge before decorating, i think they are allowed to do it but must inform the customer.. as i say just check first x

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    Oh yeah, good point!  I've heard a lot of them do that during peak season as well image

  • Like spam88 we are ignoring serving suggestions against the guest numbers and going for what we think will have a better visual impact, that is a four tier cake...we'll be doing the cake cutting in the evening after some additional guests have arrived (even then just about 40 ppl)...we still want a big cake as it will look prettier and figured you can never have enough cake!! We plan to serve it during the evening and provide boxes for people to take home if they wish image

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