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The Mayfair Co (photographers)

Hi everyone,

I found this photography company on Wowcher back in June when they had an amazing deal - £999 package for just £299. The photos on their website looked great and we're on a serious budget, so we booked it and they replied and said everything was fine and that the photographer would be in touch nearer the time.

I'm now a week and a half away from my wedding and I have yet to speak to my photographer. I chased the company last week and they said the photographer would phone H2B or me on Tuesday. It's now Wednesday evening and still nothing and I'm getting really worried. There has been zero communication from this company. I don't know when they're turning up on the day, we haven't been able to discuss what we want with the photographer and I'm just really scared.

Has anyone ever used this company? Did anyone else buy this deal on Wowcher?

And - just in case - does anyone know where on earth I would be able to find a photographer with a week to go?? image


  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    I suggest stating which county you are in to help people make recommendations. I would def make alternative arrangements. Is their a university nearby which offers a photography course? You might find a student wanting some experience?

  • Thank you. We're getting married in Shropshire.

  • IoanaIoana Posts: 1

    Hi, we are Flaviu and Ioana, a team of passionate and professional photographers captivated by this beautiful world of light expressed in colours and shadows, shaped by emotions and feelings.
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  • Doesn't sound good, do they have more than one photographer at the company? All sounds odd.

    It maybe worth having a look at alternative photographers as a 'just in case', so that you have a fallback and plan B.

    Have a look on sites like, they have lots at different budgets.


  • Spam88Spam88 Posts: 1,001

    Call around a few photographers in your area if need be - you might get lucky with one being available with it not being peak season image  Hope you get it sorted.

  • :D:D Posts: 1,805

    Have you got anywhere with this?

  • Did you get anywhere with this as I gad exactly the same issue with them. I myself booked them through wowcher

  • LynziLynzi Posts: 2

    Emily27 I hope you managed to find a replacement image

    Im a new bride to be and a wedding photographer by trade image

    Its really frustrating that 'wowcher' and 'groupon' type business come along and under cut us then let the brides down.

    I can see from this thread a few people have been caught out, and I might be able to help image

    Have a look at Icon Studio we are a female and male team of Wedding Photographers and we have availability throughout 2015.

  • This Is Dodd is a celebrity portrait photographer with A'List clients and hundreds of awards to his name.

    He is now available for wedding photography.

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    He isn't your standard wedding photographer and will return with photographs that you don't see every day.

    He individually lights the bride and groom like it is a studio session and each individual photo the happy couple choose, This Is Dodd will retouch in a unique way.

    This Is Dodd has been named in the top 200 photographers worldwide and simply loves to shoot. He loves to photograph weddings because of the people he meets and the rewards his photos can achieve.

    In his price, he includes one pre meeting with the happy couple to discuss their requirements, it includes the full wedding day from getting ready to the first dance, and it includes a post wedding meet up to share the photos, hand them over on a usb drive (which is yours to keep) and for the happy couple to select some photos that he can retouch to make them feel like a celebrity.

    This Is Dodd gets booked up quick so please bare in mind when you consider him as your photographer.

    Rates are rather splendid and he doesn't charge anymore than your 'average' wedding photographer.

    He will shoot nationwide and internationally.

    Contact him directly on 07808 939 809 or drop him an email.

    [email protected]


    This Is Dodd Team

  • Hi, I have purchased this also for a wedding I'm may this year. I had the initial contact with them but nothing since . I have e mailed and called his mobile but not had any joy did they do your photography in the end ?


    Thanks kel 

  • Hi I booked the same Mayfair co and cannot get any response from them I am absolutely devastated my wedding is in march and I am based in liverpool any recommendations pls I am so stressed out about this and worried I won't be able to book a photographer with such short notice

  • Hi


    I have the same problem and now the emails are bouncing back and I the website has closed!? Did they turn up to your weeding? Do you have any information for them?




  • I have too bought this and I am now worried nobody will show on my wedding day 

    Has anyone managed to contact the company yet as i still haven't mangaged to contact them

    I am going to contact wowcher tomorrow and see about getting my money back

    Annemarie x

  • Hi All

    If you contact wow her you will get a refund so your money is safe


  • hi all

    I too booked this deal through Wowcher image feel sick now thinking they are not going to turn up - has anyone had contact with them or did they turn up to anyone's wedding?

    Also how do you go about getting a refund from Wowcher?

    thanks for your help xxxxx

  • Maggie6Maggie6 Posts: 3

    Apparently they have stopped trading, contacted wowcher and im waiting on a refund, they also said that the company emailed all its customers advising them that they were no longer trading ? I know I never got that email?


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