Just wondering if anyone else is thinking of getting braces. My teeth have always made me insecure so what better reason than to do it for my wedding. I'm getting them put on soon and was hoping someone could let me know what it's like? 


  • Thank you for your helpful comment. 

  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    Are you getting fixed braces? I had fixed braces for 18 months (I was a lot younger) and they worked a treat.  They were pretty uncomfortable when they were tightened and I got ulcers where they rubbed the inside of my mouth at first but they soon went away.  The results were well worth the sore teeth though!

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    I had them a few years ago, although not for my wedding. I had the white ceramic 'train track' ones, you couldnt really see them  when they were on, and I had them on for 11 months in total.I actually had braces as a teenager (metal train track ones) but my teeth moved back and they were actually worse when they were the first time round so I decided to spend the money and have them done again. I cant tell you the difference it's made to my confidence, I get lots of compliments on my teeth, although I did once have someone ask where I had my false teeth made as they were so straight and then another person asked me if I had veneers?!! (Weird but true!!!). I now have a metal wire behind my teeth so they dont move back again and I also have a retainer which is like the Invisalign type braces you get which I wear a few nights a week.

    It was quite painful for the first few days as they were quite tight on my teeth but nothing that a paracetemol couldnt help, I just had to eat soft food too as they were quite sensitive I found. You'll find that they settle down again and then when you've had the wires changed/tightened you'll be back to square one again but it's well worth it.

    I am going to be having my whitened before I get married next year as I drink a lot of tea and they are a little stained.

  • Miss 2 Mrs 2014 - yeah I'm getting fixed braces I'm only having them for six months so hopefully it won't be too bad. Glad it was worth it haha. 

    Bella 2015 - I'm having clear ones and then use a retainer for after they come off. I'm glad it's made such a difference to your confidence the idea of having my teeth the way they are now would really upset me. It might seem silly to other people but to me it's important. A lady at work had them done before her wedding and she said it was the best thing she did. Thanks for the tips as I really have no idea what to expect :/ 

    Yeah I'm getting mine whitened as part of the deal. Hopefully my teeth will look beautiful image 

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    My friend who got married on Saturday had braces fitted in prep for her wedding and it changed her smile dramatically, she was so much mire confident.

    I had them when I was 13 for about 6 years (I had a few issues ha ha) and they straightened everything up. It's a little uncomfortable but nothing major and if you feel more confident in yourself, it is definitely worth it. image

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    I am contemplating braces but haven't really looked into it yet. I also had them when I was a teenager and when I had them taken off they were perfect. Unfortunately due to my wisdo. Teeth growing my bottom teeth are no longer straight. How much do braces cost roughLy? I know it varies and I'm hoping as it is only the bottom set it won't be too much! X

  • Thanks sooz your comment makes me feel a lot better about it image

    Rc15 - I'm doing just a top set and with them being "invisible" and getting two whitening seasons after they come of its costing me £900. Not cheap :/but for me this was the best quote I found. I did get quotes at 2 grand. 

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I paid just over £2,000 for mine, although they were the white 'train track one's and I had them on top and bottom teeth. The dentist I went to charges a flat fee. I got a 5% discount as I paid in full but I think lots of dentists do a payment scheme where you can pay monthly to spread the cost.

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