16 days to go!!!


 Just 16 days to go! Where has this year gone? Can't believe we've got just 16 days till I am a married lady! Anyone else getting married on the 5th of December? If not how are the December ladies doing   x


  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    I've got 29 days to go and I'm starting to get really nervous now! So far, I've had two really weird dreams about the wedding.

    How are you feeling? Have you got much left to do?

  • Not long left for you either?! I've had some weird wedding dreams too in one, we were so late, I didn't have alterations my boobs were spilling out lol and I got a big food stain on my dress right before the church lol. I'm not nervous at the moment I'm excited, though I imagine they'll kick in later?! lol. No not really bits and pieces to buy, yourself? X

  • HannahEWHannahEW Posts: 171

    Mine's Jan, which is starting to seem close, and the dreams have started for me too - mostly other people not getting details right (control freak subconscious, much?!).

    Can't wait to hear how your days go image x

  • k8l12k8l12 Posts: 254

    Im 24 days to go and am also having the craziest dreams! in teh latest i lifted my veil and was marrying my old primary school teacher and not my fiance - not sure what that was all about.

    I was feeling calm until last Sunday when i went to see my Grandma, when she said goodbye she said and the next time i see you you will be walking down the aisle - then her and my mum both welled up!

    Hope everyone elses final arrangements are going well.

  • Lol i totally understand that Hannahew, a lot our wedding stuff is getting done the morning off by our mams and by h2b!so although things will have been explained what if they can't get it right? Lol x

    lol k8l12 have you got much to do? Can't imagine what the dreams will be like nearer the time! Lol x

  • Sarah 39Sarah 39 Posts: 691

    I had a dream that I couldn't find the ceremony room, so I was wondering around the venue for ages. In another dream the hair and make-up lady had just finished my hair and then she brushed all of the curls out!

    I've still got a list as long as my arm of things I need to sort out/confirm! I thought I was really organised until now, but now I don't know how I'm going to do it all image

  • k8l12k8l12 Posts: 254

    Im exactly the same i thought i had everything under control but now im freaking about little details.

    I almost cried last night when i spelt somebodys name wrong on the table plan and had to start that table again.

    Im picking my dress up on Friday and still cant decide wether i want a veil or not or what kind of wrap i want to stop myself freezing. I dont have any underwear either.

    The suitcases i am using for cards and table plan hanging are in Chester and im in London so wont get acess to them till the day before the wedding which is cutting it abit fine if they dont trun out how i imagine

    When we started planning we decided we didnt want to use anual leave before the wedding so we had longer for the honeymoon so now i only have the Friday off before getting married the Saturday - with hindsight i really wish i had given myself a week!

    One of the vegitarians at the wedding has now told me she doesnt eat nuts or mushrooms either - no idea what to feed her the rest are having christmas dinner with turkey for meat eaters and nut roast for the vegetarians.

    Aside from that im pretty excited lol


  • Sally3Sally3 Posts: 380

    Love reading how you are all getting on! 38 days to go for me - the day after Boxing Day. I am getting excited although I should be getting a bit stressed I think as I still have things to buy - shoes for my son, a bag maybe for my daughter, a present for the best man & a bra for me and lots still to do - seating plan, sweety jars, some decorations, meet the photograher, email DJ, meet the wedding co-ordinator at the hotel, speak to the cake making lady & pick up mine & my daughter's dresses after they have been altered plus lots more things probably!

  • lozzi31lozzi31 Posts: 518

    uh oh!  The wedding nightmares.... They are horrible aren't they!  Good luck ladies!  How exciting!  

  • I bet your all so excited! I can't wait for my big day, Ive got so much to be kept busy with for the moment though! I hope you all have amazing days ladies!

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