Bridesmaid dilema

Hiya guys.

ok I'll make this short As I can.

I'm a bridesmaid for my freind in three weeks. When she first asked I was trying for a baby (she knew) I got pregnant three times since and had all miscarriages (she knows about one only - we told only parents after the first ) - she knows we were trying continuously.

in June she brought the dresses she had chosen to each of us - seen them in the sale and got them so we had no say which I didn't really care about.

dresses are small fitting, tight, formal, midi length - she got me a 12, I'm a 10-12 so fit fine. She said she knows I'm trying for a baby so if it came to it and I couldn't wear it don't worry about it at all.

dresses have come back from the dry cleaners and it's feeling very snug on me and I don't feel comfortable at all. I'm 8 weeks pregnant now (she doesn't know!) and my boobs have gone up two cup sizes already, and  im so bloated my belly has literally gained about four inches.... The dress fit in June and In honesty I thought id loose a couple of pounds before the wedding... But ive been continuously pregnant since July (miscarriage and caught with no period twice in a row!!) so I've literally had no opportunity to loose weight and can't diet now.

i feel awful and don't know what to do... To be honest and say exactly what's happened since July, or wear the too small dress. due to previous miscarriages I don't want people knowing we are pregnant. I will be 10-11 weeks when she's married and may be bigger!!!

theres no chance of me getting a bigger dress either they were end of line I've checked ebay, preloved everything imageI just feel terrible and don't know what to do. - I feel like she will feel ive let her down last minute x


  • First of all, congratulations! 

    I can see why your worried and feeling bad but if I was you, I think I would just be honest with her and sit her down and tell her everything. The fact that you're her bridesmaid means you two must be close and I'm sure she will understand and want to be there for you.

    As a bride to be, I wouldn't be upset if one of my bridesmaids found herself in your situation, I would just want to be there for her and make sure you weren't stressing yourself out when you really need to be looking after yourself. 

    I know it might be hard to go over everything that's happened but I think you will feel so much better if you do rather than working yourself up over it.x

  • Congrats!

    i think you should tell her the issue, is there anyway they it can be altered at all? maybe go to a seamstress and ask if it can be let out any? even a few centimetres could make the world of difference to you

  • Thanks guys my partner is telling me to do the same.

    my mum is a seamstress and that was the first thing I thought of! Due to the tight style there's just no give in it thought image 


  • laurapjlaurapj Posts: 726

    Hi cakey,

    Wow lots of ups and downs for you. I truly hope it works out for you this time. I can totally understand not wanting to tell people, but I think it would be a load off your mind if you explained as she'll be understanding and she might have seen something else she likes that might work for you. Alternatively, if the top part fits, could you cut off the skirt and replace it with something flowy/looser to make it empire line? Or could you make the back lace up or insert some kind of panel? Any of the other bridesmaids perhaps have a size up and may be able to squeeze into the 12?

    One of my bridesmaids fell pregnant after I bought my dresses, she said she was really nervous to tell me, but she needn't have been. I was thrilled for her and we had a re-jig of dresses and it all worked out fine. Best of luck! xx

  • Thanks guys I'm going to speak to her over the weekend - 

    laura she wants all the girls matching so no chance with the alterations and two bridesmaids are an 8 and ones a 16 lol... No luck!!!


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