Help me choose gifts for the men- typical laddish lads!

Hi ladies,

I'm in a right pickle trying to sort out thank you gifts for the men in our wedding party (1 best man, 2 ushers and father of the bride) and would love to hear your suggestions.

They are all 'laddish' lads, into their footy and drinking so it wouldn't feel right giving them something overly sentimental. We are also only wanting to spend around the £20 mark which does limit our options!

Any ideas welcomed! X




  • MrsF14MrsF14 Posts: 131

    personalised hip flasks And fill with their favourite tipple? 

  • if they're in to football what about a retro shirt of the tream they support. the team webshops should sell them? or a personalised team beer tankard/watch etc. something sentimentalish but laddish enough to not turn their noses up at it lol

    my best man is getting a pair of cowboy boots image

  • We got my dad an engraved glass 'crystal' tankard saying father of her bride, our names and wedding date. It cost around £17 including delivery x

  • Thank you for your help ladies!

    Miss2mrs14, my dad and the best man already have hip flasks from a previous wedding so didn't really want to go down that route. Thank you though. 

    Jemmykins09 that is such a good idea will def look into that! They all support the same team though so will have to see if I could get four different ones!

    Debscs1984 thats a good idea might look at pint glasses or whisky tumblers!




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