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Gifts for parents

Hi All

Help needed and suggestions for what people have brought / will be buying parents as gifts on the wedding day



  • I have brought my dad some daddy's littlr girl cufflinks and A cute little poem thing, and my stepmum a necklace and bracelet set. My in laws presents are along the same lines. I wanted more of something they could keep rather than flowers x

  • tonskytonsky Posts: 154 New bride

    thanks niki xxxx we were thinking along the same lines

  • We will be giving the mums flowers and the dads gift vouchers... thought they could get whet they want then. Plus my father in law to be is extremely difficult to buy for!

  • Claire121Claire121 Posts: 113 New bride

    Do you still get gifts for both sets of parents when you have organised and paid for the whole wedding independently of them?

  • Sophia15Sophia15 Posts: 466

    We're giving our mums flowers and maybe something from jo malone to go with them. I didn't even think of getting the dads presents too, what on earth can I get them?! (Also, do you give the gifts before or after the speeches?!) 

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