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Crazy wedding dreams

With 16 weeks to go until our big day the crazy wedding dreams are coming thick and fast! Anyone else suffering?? Xx


  • Yes! I am 17 days and this has been happening a lot. Strange dreams have included all the female guests turning up in their bras and refusing to put tops on, me wearing bright pink underwear that everyone could see through my dress and a mix up with the hotel which meant we ended up getting married in a second hand car garage. Am sure there have been more too. Thought it was just me! What have you been dreaming of? 

  • Yes i have just over 18 wks to go and ive had 2 so far lol one everything went wrong, i thought it was a sign of things to come and then almost had to cancel the wedding at the weekend so that dream was spot on! and the second i had last night was the perfect wedding lol think its coz things are going wrong!

  • I've had lots  of wedding dreams - and none of them have gone right so far! I think its normal image I'm sure I'll get them more frequently in the run up. The last one I remember, my make up artist failed to arrive, and I waited and waited until I was late for the wedding, still hadn't done my hair and make up, and then H2B turned up, so we were both late and I was panicking that guests would be arriving at the church with no one to greet them!

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    I've had a few - mostly about not being ready! There was definitely one about there not being enough time to do my hair! I'm sure there will be more.

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    SpringInMyStep- I get married in 17 days too!!!! soooo excited!!!

    I've been having crazy wedding dreams on and off for last few months, some are where a disaster occurs, in others I've forgotten to do stuff but its the day and I don't care- I feel calm and happy to finally be marrying my H2B. So a mixed bag really! The disasters generally centre around my dress not fitting (too big or too small) and my hairdresser not turning up!

  • Future MrsCFuture MrsC Posts: 684

    Last nights one was us getting married in my old high schools lecture theatre, my brother in law refused to give me away so my sister did it, when I reached H2b he pulled my veil out if my hair! We got married and decided sod it let's go and play on the beach, abandoning all our guests, photographer, entertainment etc! We stayed there until it started to get dark when we realised we hadn't told anyone where we were going, so all sandy and sea water covered we went back to the wedding where everyone was sat bored out of their brains!!!

    other dreams I have include none of the vendors turning up so us decorating the venue with bows!! Weddings do crazy things to you,!

  • MrsWPtobeMrsWPtobe Posts: 435

    Ive had a couple of odd dreams! One included my h2b telling me he didn't want to marry me anymore and he was marrying my ex-friend, he had to wake me up from that one cause I thumped him and was shouting at him! Haha! And my mum ( the vicar) saying she was going to wear a dress he same as mine! And then marrying us in her vicar robes and mother of the bride hat! Which in fairness, is probably going to happen! Xx

  • Jules11Jules11 Posts: 26

    Last night!!!!! I had a terrible wedding dream. Everything went wrong, horrible shouting and arguing. Just awful.

    2 months to go!

    Hopefully my HTB will reassure me after breakfast!!! 


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