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Surprises for Groom on wedding day?


Is anyone planning a special surprise for their groom on the wedding day or buying him a special present? I was planning on just buying mine nice black boxers and socks so he wears something decent, but I've just found out our wedding venue offer a fire pit for £100 which he would love! Anyone else plotting surprises?


  • fire pit sounds lovely. I am organising a sports car to pick up my fiancé and his best man to take him to our venue. I got him engraved cufflinks to open on the day :) x

  • I got my fiancé a watch as a surprise when we got engaged. He loved it. I really like treating him, but find it really difficult to keep secrets so desperately want to tell him about the fire pit! I've also arranged for our band to learn Candy Shop, a bit like the Dan Band, as he will find this hysterical

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  • CR1689CR1689 Posts: 378

    I think the fire pit is a great idea and love the suggestion of having just a 'you' moment with it :-) 

    can I be cheeky and ask bluewkdchic how much you paid for the sports car? I looked into this but the price is crazy!!!!

    i also love the engraved watch idea. 

    As you can tell, I'm after some advice on this too hehe x

  • image I will speak to the photographer to make sure we get pictures of us by it. I love the idea of toasting marshmallows! My only concern is that all men are pyromaniacs and we are spending a fortune on the band, if they are all hiding outside playing with fire instead of listening to the band I will get grumpy!

  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378

    Fire pit sounds brilliant! My other half would love that.

    I've got mine a vintage suitcase (he loves them) with all different bits and pieces in. I've put an engraved pocket watch, socks, a whisky glass and can of JD and coke, some fudge, a t-shirt for when he's getting ready and a little joke book, it's called something like 'Don't for Husbands' ha ha. None of it was overly expensive, but hopefully it will make him smile :) x

  • I did a little surprise box for him when he got in the wedding car. I wrote on the wrapping what each of them was for.

    Cant remember all of them but It had in it:

    Miniature bottle of JD- to calm your nerves

    Tissues- for when I walk down the aisle

    Mints- for our first kiss as husband and wife

    Im really struggling to think of what else was in it!

    I also bought him engraved cufflinks :)

  • I've bought my other half an engraved Zippo with our wedding date and a message on and I plan on buying him something small to go with it. We agreed on no presents to save money but I want him to have something ltitle that he can open when he's getting nervous to just remind him that I love him and will be waiting. 

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    I didn't get hubby anything - I feel bad now as he sent a really lovely plant for me..... oops. I sent a card for him...

  • The only fly in the ointment is that the supplier has asked for the full £100 hire fee now as well as a £75 deposit! As it is a surprise it is not in the wedding budget, which is a bit annoying. I have asked if I can pay £50 now and the rest closer to the wedding. It is a new company set up by the wife of the owner of the venue, but I've only paid £500; deposit on my venue so why would I pay for all the fire pit now?

    Lessonn learnt: budget for surprises!

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I've got my h2b a watch and pair of engraved links with his initials on. And also the cd single for our first dance, which is quite rare and I've had great difficulty finding.

  • MascaraMascara Posts: 114

    I've got him a card, which I managed to get his all-time favourite footballer to sign and write a message in. I know lots of people organise a message from their h2b's favourite club, but I wanted to go a step further!

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