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Hi Everyone!


We are getting married on 30/04/16, we have booked our photographer and paid a deposit.....however.....we went to a wedding on Saturday and absolutley LOVED their photographer & the style of photos - they were very modern and almost like magazine now I regret being so hasty choosing our photographer who is going to do, albeit lovely, reportage style very traditional pictures, although this suits our church ceremony and manor house reception I really really would like to have an additional photographer come for say an hour and get some of the more modern shots I have seen.....


So my question is had anyone ever had or having a similar set up? Is this even possible do you think? To have one photographer come for a short while to do a mini photoshoot?


I am really worried i am going to regret not having some photos in this style :-( 


  • You could perhaps do an engagement shoot or a trash the dress shoot with the new photographer you love? How much deposit would you lose if you changed photographers? 

  • Its just hard as he is a family cancelling on him wouldnt go down well....and I do still want the traditional photos.I could do a photoshoot afterwards I suppose but I feel like that may not capture the true emotion as it would be after the actual day....I guess I would get to wear my dress again though!

    I thought maybe what we could do is ask the 2nd photographer to come along for an hour or so to take the other style photos of just me and my husband while guests are having drinks etc....but then I dont know if this is unheard of/unrealistic?!?!?!

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,355 New bride

    Could you mention the style of photos you like from this other wedding to your photographer? You never know they may be able to do something similar but don't as a matter of course as their customers tend to prefer their 'normal' style...

  • I think I can help you here! First of all I agree with Mrs Twizbe - have you asked the photographer you've hired whether they can take some photos in the style you saw at the weekend ? I'd add, though - have you seen the finished, edited photos from that wedding so soon? Because the finished product is always very different from the 'back of the camera' image or even what you might see in a same day slideshow because those images will be lightly edited - if at all.


    It sounds as though you want an editorial style, which isn't the same as quite a formal style. The posing is different, for starters.


    It also sounds as though you'd like two different styles of photography on your wedding day. This would be a tough ask for any photographer though it's not impossible to have a few photos in the style you've asked for. It's something you could plan carefully so the photographer knows what to do when.


    I'd suggest being completely honest with your photographer. I doubt they'd want to take photos in a style that doesn't reflect their portfolio so they might not mind as much as you anticipate. You could also ask your photographer whether they have second shooters they use - and that person might be able to take the shots you need.

    Lastly, I would caution against having two photographers there unless the second is hired by the first. To start with it can be a legal minefield with contracts etc because the photographer you've hired probably has an exclusive clause in their contract (check what you signed) and it's a bit like having several tradespeople in your house at the same time - they get in the way of each other and nobody is very happy about it.


    Does that help ? Feel free to ask any questions if I can help more.

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