Budding Wedding Photographer Scotland

Hi there,

Happily enough and wanting to shout from the rooftops, I am officially a married man as of the 17th October 2015! 

Being happily married, our day went without a hitch (well apart from me forgetting my overnight bag & plaques we were supposed to give out during our ceremony to our mums) ha ha

I loved every minute of our day, and to be fair...I did forget certain things throughout the course of the day as we both were over indulged and in a bubble of our own.

We thank our photographer for capturing those moments that we forgot about or were too focused on other things to notice.

With this in mind, I have my own camera and decent set of kit, and wanting to start build my own portfolio of weddings for couples who can't really afford the cost of a pro.

I have never done a wedding before, but I have photographed the misses in all sorts of different situations, mostly I have done landscape photography.

Have only just started putting images online via my own website, as I decided it was time to start to show my stuff off.

"I have recently been featured on the BBC website also for one of my pictures I had taken when we were on our honeymoon over on the Isle of Mull. "

What i'm basically looking for is any help as to how I can grab peoples attention to get them to let me photograph their wedding for them.

I won't be charging any fee what-so-ever for my first few weddings as my confidence level won't be so great and don't want anyone to build up their hopes either, so by setting their hopes low from the start, i'm hoping since I actually know how to take a good photograph and create something vibrant with the style that I use I am more than confident I can create a stunning set of images for the happy couple.

I am based in Ayrshire, Scotland so if any budding couples want a free photographer then please feel free to contact me on here or via my website :)



Best regards & good wishes


Steven Collins


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