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10 weeks to go!

B23B23 Posts: 169

We have less than 10 weeks to go till our wedding and I am very excited but also TERRIFIED!

It feels a bit like one of those events you get very excited about but never feels like the day will be here but now its feeling very real and the crazy dreams are in full flow!

How is everyone else coping in the lead up to the big day?


B x




  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66

    6 weeks for us. Still have loads to do so keeping busy, it still doesn't quite seem real so dont think the nerves have hit yet, although i have had a couple of sleepless nights.

    its quite exciting when i do think about it though 


  • 8 weeks for me...what a journey its been. Will be glad when all the stress is over but otherwise so excited to finally be a Mrs to my gorgeous H2B😍


  • CR1689CR1689 Posts: 378

    15 weeks for us! What am I meant to be doing at this point? I feel there's a million things I'm probably over looking! Eek!! 

  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66

    4 weeks for us! We're doing a lot ourselves (by which I mean I'm spending my evenings crafting and h2B nods approval) so not had time to get too nervous yet, just massively excited. I am regretting deciding to do my own cake though, it's fruit so it's all baked, I'm just feeling the pressure knowing that I'm shortly about to have to ice it..,it'll be the biggest cake I've ever iced (or baked).

  • MascaraMascara Posts: 114

    8 weeks and all I have left is the table plan. I've even got my Thank You cards for after the wedding. Nothing else to do, except possibly get my dress altered. I'm dieting like a mad woman and will see where it stands in 4 weeks, I suspect the bust will need taking in. 

  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    I'm at 8 weeks too (date twin Mascara!) and I still have a few things to do including some DIY - a bit stressy but I'm mostly organised - have my 2nd dress fitting tomorrow so looking forward to my dress actually fitting since my ordered size ended up being too big! Glad that the money side seems to be fine but the wedding is completely on my brain 24/7 (as if it wasn't already taking over my life!) as much as I'm excited for the day I'm getting so excited at the thought of actually being married now can't wait to finally marry my h2b

  • MascaraMascara Posts: 114

    It doesn't seem that long ago that it was far away, too far for anyone but other brides to care 😂

    And now it's almost here, yes it's pretty much on my mind 24/7 too! I keep running through the day in my head to think of anything I've forgotten. 

  • B23B23 Posts: 169

    Just woken up aftet an insane wedding dream where I accidently left my pyjamas on under my dress (obviously) they played the wrong song as I walked down the aisle (still clad in pyjamas and dress of course) and then all the cakes fell on the floor. 

    I am looking forward to these dreams stopping!!!

    7 weeks!



  • Emily54Emily54 Posts: 266 New bride

    I'm so bad I'm 9 weeks and have loads to do! I always think I have ages. Never mind I will give it to 4 weeks and probably have a panic lol. 

    So you ladies are around the March time too? Are you buying umbrellas? I can't decide if to or not. I was only thinking the wedding party X 

  • MascaraMascara Posts: 114

    I'm not buying umbrellas, my venue is central London so it's all inside. I think it's worth it otherwise though, you can get them fairly cheaply on eBay. 

  • Memza89xMemza89x Posts: 1,533 New bride

    Yeah 19th March! I'm gona buy a couple of umbrellas - don't want to tempt fate! Just for wedding party though not guests I'm sure they can bring their own!

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