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What are your mother in laws like?

Hi guys,


I just wanted to know how you all get on with your mother in laws. Sometimes I feel like I get on great with mine, other times she makes me feel completely worthless, I never know where I stand! My fiance is an only child so she has always doted on him, she brought him up herself. She does not like any imperfections with anything in life, everything runs smoothly for her, she is always on time, her house looks like it is from an interior design book. I come from a big, hectic family with lots of noise, lots of mess. I have changed alot since moving in with my other half, I am tidy now! But still nothing is good enough for her. 

Yet in other ways, she completely spoils me, she speaks very highly of me, she tells me I will make a beautiful bride. She loves helping with the wedding, she has been a lot more involved than my mum, the problem is she has very strong opinions.

anyway, just wondering how everyone else gets along with theirs!



  • Zoe87Zoe87 Posts: 41

    Sounds a lot like my MIL! Trouble is, you can never be as blunt with the MIL as you can with your own mother as the relationship is completely different. She sounds like a bit of a perfectionist and a control freak but overall her heart is in the right place.

    I set the boundaries with my MIL has she has controlled so much of my husband to be's life, you want these people in your life but not to take over!

    Sounds like she thinks a lot of you, I find people like this are over critical and always point out the negatives in life rather than draw from the positives. Try not to take it personally and remember this is your day, not hers :)

  • i love my MiL to bits, she's absolutely lovely and so respectful of me and hubby and our daughter. if we ask for something not to be done/to specifically be done a certain way she will listen to us and do her very best, she's fantastic and the fact she respects us so much as a couple and parents is amazing to me as my family just pick and choose what they bloody want to listen to and if i dare throw my toys out of the pram for them doing it i'm a stroppy bitch. families, who'd have 'em! lol

  • Rosie91Rosie91 Posts: 77

    Aw thanks guys! x

  • B23B23 Posts: 169

    I adore mine. She's really relaxed but still interested and remembers things we tell her about the wedding. 

    She remembered that my dress was in in September despite me mentioning it months and months before (and my own mother not having a clue when it was in).


  • Geek GirlGeek Girl Posts: 145

    I'm incredibly lucky with my mum in law. From the very first time I met her she's been lovely to me. She had a horrible relationship with her own mother-in-law (who never felt any woman was good enough for any of her sons) and watching her husband be upset and torn between his wife and mum made her decide that she'd always make an effort with her two sons' partners.

    She's always been ace, but I think what helps with that is I'm a smitten kitten to her son. If we ever broke up I wouldn't want to cross her - she's like a lioness with her own. Lucky for me she now counts me as one of her own ;)

  • DactylDactyl Posts: 66

    Mine is vile. she constantly complains and criticises everything, is rude and at times embarassing to be associated with in public. We aren't having a top table so I can stay as far away from her as possible on the day as I'm worried she'll complain and criticise everything (despite having shown no interest in the day so, And we have just one month to go so it's not just because it's too far away). 

    i know she's done a lot for h2b when he was growing up, as she's been a single mum for most of his life, and oart of me feels bad being so blunt. However she's never had A positive word to say about anything in the whole time ive known her and I find that really difficult to deal with. 

    ive tried again and again with her, but never get even as much as a thank youmor a single positive word. I'm really worried her constant negativity is going to ruin the day :-(

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