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Hen dilemma - problem sister!

Evening ladies!

I have a bit of a problem with organising my hen. I really want to go to London for Afternoon Tea and to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, probably stay in a hotel for the night and then maybe do some shopping and sight seeing.

The problem is my sister (Made of Honour). She cannot hold her drink AT ALL but refuses not to drink. I am afraid that she will get very drunk and disappear (we do not  know London at all and she would most definitely get lost) or cause a scene if I insist that she cannot drink or get so drunk that we have to cut the weekend short because she is ill. She has done all 3 before during nights out / parties etc.

I can't not invite her but I don't know what else to do? :( xx


  • How old is your sister? Is it a young and bit stupid thing or a drink problem thing? Can your Mum intervene?

  • My sister is 26 and just doesn't know when to stop even when she has had just one! My mum knows what she is like but says she won't be like that in a city she doesn't know but I'm just not sure. She doesn't care about anyone or anything once she's had a drink so isn't going to care about getting lost or ruining my hen.

  • Yayyy, another bride doing the same as me for her hen. Fantastic plan!!!. Sorry to hear about your sister, maybe she'll behave. Give her the benefit of the doubt as its your hen im sure she wont want you to miss having a great day. Worse case scenario have someone who want mind taking her straight to the hotel after your 'afternoon tea' session. That way you can still enjoy the rest of the evening and she'll have someone there her too. 

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