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How much to engrave ring?

Hi girlies/guys,

We were thinking about having our wedding bands engraved - probably just the date of the wedding so nothing extravagent - and I just wondered if anyone has had this done recently or had a quote and roughly how much would it cost? I can nip into the jewellers at some point and ask but I just wanted a rough idea! 


  • It depends whether you want it handengraved or laser engraved? I think Goldsmiths is something like £33 for 10 characters laser engraved and then a bit more per extra 10 characters.

    Hand engraving is about £18 a letter! It can be worth asking where you brought the wedding rings from? The Jewellers where my fiancés came engrave them for free, hejust needs to decide what he wants on there! I'm having Mrs M. In mine

  • BekhaGBekhaG Posts: 586 New bride

    When i looked into engraving last year (march time) Ernest Jones (where we bought our rings) offered engraving for around £20 per ring. Worth a look.

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