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I'm back! and i'm Mrs

Hi everyone

i have just posted in newlyweds with a few piccies but thought i'd put it in here too as i know some people don't get to venture out of GC very often.



  • cjukcjuk Posts: 209
    Pics are great, love the dress.
  • You look beautiful. Congratulations on your wedding. xxx
  • You look amazing congratulations had to smack h2b as he started going on about how gorgeous you were lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • sam6476sam6476 Posts: 193
    Congratulations Hollie, you look wonderful... I have posted in Newlyweds as well, can't wait to hear the full reort!

  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Congratulations Princess!

    Your dress is amazing and you look like you had a fabulous day! I love your Mums outfit too!

    Cant wait to hear the report!

    Wishing you and your new hubbie a lifetime of happiness together!



  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    WOW Hollie, you look STUNNING!! 110% love the dress and everyone else looks great too!!

    what dress is it?

    Heidi xx
  • sweetascandy127sweetascandy127 Posts: 2,562
    U look like u had a fab day, congratulations, u look radient

    Clare x
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    Wow, what an amazing dress! I've never seen anything like it!

    You guys look amazing, and so happy.... sigh.....

    Lyn x
  • Thank you for all your lovely comments, it was the best day ever!

    Heidi the dress was from Toi Couture, i absolutely love it! i'm gutted i can't wear it again.
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    Also just realised you got married near me... I'm only up in Stevenage and know Watton well. Bootiful church.
  • I live in stevenage too. both Husband (so nearly wrote h2b) and i grew up in the village and the church is amazing. Where abouts in stevenage are you? we're in Poplars. xx
  • echeshireecheshire Posts: 404

    I love your dress, it's amazing! Hope you had a wonderful day, you look so happy!!! x
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    Oh my god, so are we! Parishes Mead.
  • We are Shearwater close, how weird is that! we could be walking past each other and not even know it. Although i try not to walk, he he. when are you getting married? and where? xx
  • lynetteamoslynetteamos Posts: 1,123
    Yea, I even drive to Sainsbury's, lol!

    We're getting married next Feb at Ponsbourne Park in Newgate Street Village. It's coming up fast! x
  • Wow Hollie - you look absolutely stunning and the photo's are wonderful!! Your dress is gorgeous.

    Your mum looks fantastic too btw.

    Congratulations and wish you both a lifetime full of love, laughter and happiness!

    PS - Did you have the plastic cups and chairs or did you manage to walk your Hubby round to your way of thinking?

    Can't wait to hear the details of the day - looked like you were lucky with the weather too.

  • Yeah the weather held up really well just the odd shower.

    I managed to get glass glasses the plastic ones are hidden in a cupboard at home hopefully never to see the light of day again.

    My mum and dad went and got some wooden garden furniture for outside too, so no nasty plastic chairs either. pheww.

  • Wow you look gorgeous.

    Can I ask where you got your veil from because that is exactly the style I'm looking for.

    Have a very happy married life!


  • buckybeebuckybee Posts: 1,092
    Wow, you look stunning. Congrats on becoming a Mrs xxx
  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Awwww Hollie, you look gorgeous and so happy. Everything looked amazing and I loved the dress. Hope I look as happy, loved up and gorgeous as you did. XXXX emmy
  • Hi sooz the veil was from the shop where i got my dress from It's the wedding shop in Colchester. they ordered it in. the company made it to match the colour of my dress.
  • AprilbrideAprilbride Posts: 332
    Hey Hollie,

    congrats on becoming a Mrs. How is married life treating you? You look stunning and very happy. Congrats again hun and all the best to the both of you.


  • Hi Nat

    It's great being a wife, although it does feel so weird. it might take a while to get used to being called Mrs Gilbey. xx
  • AprilbrideAprilbride Posts: 332
    I know the does take some time to get used to it. I still find it strange being called Mrs Richardson image

  • hotprincessukhotprincessuk Posts: 2,520

    You both look fab and I LOVE the dress!!!
  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    Congratulations hun

    you all look so happy and fantastic

    your dress was amazing. I had a pink dress as well

    I know the feeling of being called Mrs as even now I still have to stop myself saying Miss instead of Mrs.



    Samantha xx

  • BooWantsBabyBooWantsBaby Posts: 1,738

    You look amazing!! Your dress, veil, flowers, venue, transport, hubby, the mother's etc etc all look excellent!!

    Well Done the day looks great!! Best wishes for the future xx
  • MsstressedMsstressed Posts: 714
    Congratulations!!!! You look stunning!!! I love your dress and flowers!!!
  • julia82ukjulia82uk Posts: 125
    You all look fab and very Happy.

  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    You look absolutely beautiful! I love everything. Your mother looks fabulous, you and Nick both look so relaxed and happy, it looks like you had a great day, and I hope mine turns out as good.
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