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Just got back from having the children fitted with their suits. It was a nightmare the elder (aged 10) was ok although they only had a couple of sizes to try on and the lady had to guess between these which he needed.

The younger child who has autism just screamed all the time we were in the shop. I managed to put a shirt on him but he tried to rip it off. The assistant had to follow him around with a tape measure to guess his size. We are collecting the suits 24th August and I don't know if son (aged nearly 5) will actually wear his at the wedding. He is saying he doesn't want to even come to it.

I am not sure what to do. I may have to get him something else to wear.


  • hotprincessukhotprincessuk Posts: 2,520
    Hiyah, I'm not sure if I can give you any advice as I dont have any experience of dealing with autistic children, but have you thought about taking the measurements yourself when he is more settled at home? The formality of the situation probably stressed him out?

    And maybe if the whole 'formality' thing is too stressful, it would be easier for you to let him wear something else, as I'm sure that having him there and happy is more important than him being upset.

    Im sorry I may not be much help but I'm always here if you need a good listener.

    Joanne xxxxx
  • Tricia1965ukTricia1965uk Posts: 1,148
    It sound silly but I think it may have been the size of the shop. It was quite cramped. I may get him something else just in case.
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    Ahh bless him.

    It might help if you take a favourate toy/comforter next time you have to go. It may be that he doesnt like the shop,as you say if its abit small.

    I would get something in like from Debenhams just in case he doesnt like to go in the shop anymore.

    I used to have so much trouble with Luke so i know what its like,my duck.

    take care,love jayne.x :\)
  • Tricia1965ukTricia1965uk Posts: 1,148
    Thanks. I can cope with him except since he caused me to have a prolapse disc a few months ago I can't pick him up anymore.

    Had lots of OAPs tutting at me.

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