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Top Table - Who sits where???

Does it matter which side of h2b I sit on? And does bm sit on my side and best man on h2b's side???? Have made up table plan but forgot top table!!!!!!!! Tee Hee!!!!!

DJ x.


  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    oooh oooh oooh i know this one

  • ew0855ew0855 Posts: 260
    The ancient etiquette book my mum passed on to me the moment H2B proposed has the order running Bridesmaid, Best man, Chief bridesmaid, Grooms Father, Brides Mum, Groom, Bride, Brides father, Grooms Mum, Usher, Bridesmaid, Usher i.e. bride sits on grooms left. However we will not be having this (only have 1 bridesmaid for a start) and I don't think anyone will comment if you do it differently

  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    does that mean I'm wrong? bugger
  • Shoegal_82Shoegal_82 Posts: 351

    It took me five hours to sort out our table plan and it is an ongoing saga. My top table line up is usher, bridesmaid, best man, groom's mother, bride's father, bride, groom, bride's mother, groom's father, chief bridesmaid and usher. I found it in a magasine and added our ushers to it. Our younger bridesmaids, page boys and flower girl are sitting with their parents as our top table can only hold 12.
  • ew0855ew0855 Posts: 260
    Hi, never said the ancient book was right! It has a whole section on clothes for the trousseau, wording for retracting invitations if the wedding is cancelled due to family berevement (including defination of family) and how to avoid anybody finding out the bride was born out of wedlock. I suspect your info is more up to date

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  • DeeJay16ukDeeJay16uk Posts: 59
    Thanks Guys!

    We dont have our Mum's, and we're going to have the kids sitting with their parents. So 7 of us at top table, have decided on this: Grooms Father; His Girlfriend; Best Man;Bride;Groom;Best Maid;Brother of Bride.

    Have any of you tried the perfect table plan website. I've found it a great help!

    DJ x.

  • memaukmemauk Posts: 656
    deecy yours did make me laugh though as you had to Fathers of the groom and no father of the bride hee hee

  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    oh yeah I never even noticed that!
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