woo hoo, just had the council round.... :\)

Awww hun, i hope they sort it out for you soon it seems such a waste to have a lovely garden but not being able to use it !

Hope he gets the help he needs, its really not on burning toxic stuff like that he could harm someone.

x x x


  • kellyevans81kellyevans81 Posts: 1,696
    God I hope thy do get it sorted for you stephe - not nice to have him burning stuff, esp aerosols.

    At least we haven't had much of a summer yet. Hopefully the weather will now be nice so you can enjoy in your garden.

    ps- love your avater. Your baby is so gorgeous!
  • madterrymadterry Posts: 246
    Talk about neighbours from hell! I hope they put him in a mental home and give you some peace. Whos to say he wont get drunk and set your garden on fire, it doenst bare thinking about!
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