woohoo - 18 days to go...

I don't tend to post on here very often as i find some of the bigger characters tend to get more of a response but for my own sanity can i just say WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO im getting married in 18 days. Needed to get that out my system as i just can't wait!!!! x


  • lisa1808lisa1808 Posts: 277
    Still excited!!!
  • lisa1808lisa1808 Posts: 277
    Still excited!!!
  • AprilbrideAprilbride Posts: 332
    Hi Lisa,

    I'ts gettin oh so close now hey....it's my dad's b/day on the 18th so I'll keep you in mind on the day.

    All the best with the last minute things you need to do.


  • lisa1808lisa1808 Posts: 277
    Ah thanks Nat. (and thanks for replying)x
  • Wooo! Congratulations Lisa! Hope you continue to be this excited!!

    Melanie xx
  • deecydeecy Posts: 7,493
    I don't think a lack of response should deter anyone from posting!

    Just Post image

    We'll be on holiday when you get married but good luck with everything, and I really hope the weather stays as good as it's been today.
  • mrswogden2bemrswogden2be Posts: 511
    i find that too , bet you are really excited i have 122 days to go and am so excited my dress arrived today so thats made me really excited though its 1/2 inch to small around my bust ( god knows why cos i have hardly got any !!!) but will keep ypu in mind hon hope it all goes smoothly

  • jessbearukjessbearuk Posts: 1,137
    11 days to go for me!!! i can't believe it!! thats like next week!!!

    Isn't it exciting? Good luck for the 18th!! hopefully the weather should be ok! summer is supposed to finally kick in on the 15th!
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