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Sex and the City Hen Weekend

Hi Lady's

I know this is just to tell you all but I found out my first bit of information about my hen weekend today.

My sister is planning it all so I do not know anything about it. Only a couple of weeks ago did I find out when it was so I have just been told today what the theme is.

I can't beleive it I love Sex and The City and the idea is on my hen night on our big night out we all do fancy dress like our fave charachter from the show.

I am so looking forward to drinking all the cocktails and stuff. Just to let you know the last leg of our honeymoon is new york so it is quite fitting!

Sorry to rant just so excited. x x x x x


  • Saint-BertieSaint-Bertie Posts: 6,678
    that sounds great!! you'll have a fab time!
  • shellsukshellsuk Posts: 252
    wow, how exciting! i love sex and the city too, may need to suggest this idea to head BM!!! x
  • Cool, that sounds fun... I love Sex and The City. Are you going on the Sex and The City Tour when you are in New York on your honeymoon as I hav ben and its fabulous a must do for big S & T C fan

  • hanky12hanky12 Posts: 106
    Sorry I have not replied for ages been out with my friend who has just had a baby.

    I would like to go on the tour when I am in new york but I do not know if H2b would allow it!

    Thanks for your messages I am still so excited I do not know how I am going to sleep! x
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