Why do I have such bad luck?

I just got home from work to discover my toilet has totally flooded and gone into the flat downstairs for the SECOND time! The last time we had to pay a fortune for their repairs and get an emergency plumber out at a bank holiday rate!

Why o why do these things always happen to us?

Getting a whole new toilet now though, h2b finally gave in when he found me crying my eyes out over the soaking wet linoleum and damp floorbaords.

I am sure I will laugh about this eventually just not now.

Moan over, thanks for listening, does anyone else ever feel they have the worst luck in the world?

luv M xxxximage


  • jessbearukjessbearuk Posts: 1,137
    oh dear! really sorry for you. sending lots of big hugs your way!!

  • sweetascandy127sweetascandy127 Posts: 2,562
    Sorry 2 hear about that, Don't worry ur luck will totally turn around and u will have all the good fortune and more

    Clare x
  • sammycuksammycuk Posts: 1,633

    sending you some big hugs hun hope it all get`s sorted

    oxoxoxoxo sam xoxoxoxo
  • shellym13shellym13 Posts: 978
    Thanks girls ha ha I really hope so xxxx

  • emmcewenemmcewen Posts: 582
    Oh dear!

    Sending big hugsxx
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