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sammycuksammycuk Posts: 1,633

Hello hun have you started to look in to probs with the missing socks yet ???

luv sam xoxox


  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    I am ashamed to say I've not had time yet but I am aware of it and will get on to it either tomorrow or Thurs. I promise.

    It upsets me that some people are sockless - I want it to run a lot smoother next time so I need to find out what probs there were so we can avoid them.

    I will get on the case - I promise - sorry it's not been sooner

  • sammycuksammycuk Posts: 1,633

    no probs hun i totally understand we all have busy lifes ,

    yeah im a little bit sad i did`nt receive socks maybe my sock person did`nt like me lol,

    theres no immediate hurry it can wait untill you have time please keep us posted

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