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Time off before the wedding?

I'm just wondering how much time off you're having before the wedding? I.e wedding on Saturday off work from Wednesday. 

i was meant to work this week either 6pm-2am or 1pm-2am but I'm not sure if I should take the week off? Eek! Help and advice please! 

Thank you lovelies Xxx


  • NikkiMNikkiM Posts: 1,654 New bride

    Im getting married on a Thursday and am planning on taking the Monday to Wednesday off. I need to be buying the table flowers a couple of days in advance and then doing the table decorations the day before so would need to be off 2 days before the wedding anyway. 

    Another girl at work got married on a Saturday and was off work from the Wednesday. Just gives you a bit of time to deal with any last minute bits and relax before the wedding.

  • Debi2Debi2 Posts: 15

    I'm getting married on a Sunday and I'm working until the Friday so only having the Saturday off

  • MrsLjCMrsLjC Posts: 1,232 New bride

    I'm getting married on a Saturday and I'm taking the Thursday - Friday off. I wasn't really thinking of taking anything before until my boss was like I'm not having you working the day before your wedding! 

  • KatebushfanKatebushfan Posts: 22


    I'm taking the whole week off prior to my wedding. I get married on a Friday and I'm off from the previous Friday before. This probably sounds a bit excessive but I have a very stressful job and i often go home exhausted and mentally frazzled. This tends to give me headaches, bloating and makes me feel warn out and overwhelmed. So, I'm not having any of that the week before and want to be as relaxed as possible, trying to do some nice exercise each day and just get on with wedding tasks. 

    I'm not suggesting I won't have any stress, just not work stress! 



  • Kimberley23Kimberley23 Posts: 167

    I am taking a whole week off! We're getting married on the Friday and I'm off from the Friday beforehand - CAN'T WAIT! We're going to spend that time together, doing lovely things. I'm having a day at the spa and getting my hair done, we'll also be dropping things off at the venue and packing for our honeymoon!! 

  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545

    I get married on a Friday and I am off Weds and Thurs. We have to travel up north for the wedding on the Wednesday (which is also my H2B's birthday!) and go for a meal, stay in a hotel just the two of us, then the Thursday it is transporting everything to the venue, then going for my various beautification processes!! x

  • MrsE2016MrsE2016 Posts: 1,210 New bride

    I get married on a Saturday but i'm off from the Monday prior.

    My sister is coming over from Australia so have to sort on the day fitting for her dress & our marquee goes up the Thursday so will be spending a lot of time at the venue Thurs/Fri so the Monday to Wednesday will give me time to do final preparations, collect dresses, manicure/pedicure and pack for our minimoon. We're only having 4 nights away so able to take 2 weeks off including the week before & week after our wedding. 

    I'm looking forward to spending time with my family before the wedding, especially my sister who hasn't been able to be part of much so far. 

    We also have our rehearsal the Wednesday night!!!


  • SparkystarSparkystar Posts: 158

    :) thanks ladies, I've got the week off now and I'm so glad I have there is so much to do and it's nice to be home at night to talk to J about the wedding and have some non wedding related chats :)

  • im having the whole week before and the whole wee after off work  to de stress and get ready! 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I haven't decided what I am doing so this is helpful for me too. I work 3 12 hour shifts a week so could request to work the mon/tues/weds and then I'd not use any annual leave. Or I could just take the whole week A/L. I am taking 5 weeks off after as we are going on honeymoon for 4.5 weeks. 

  • NightsparkNightspark Posts: 566

    I wed on a Wednesday, it's my birthday the Friday before so I'm finishing Thursday, that gives me Friday - birthday, Saturday Sunday Monday (bank hol so don't usually work) Tuesday, then the wedding - this will give me time to enjoy my birthday, do my hair and nails etc, I'm staying in a hotel Tuesday night so this gives me some unwind time :)

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