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Hen weekend to Ibiza

Just looking for some advise, I'm going on a hen weekend to Ibiza in August it is virtually impossible to get a natural tan In this country due to the weather and working. I'm contemplating getting a spray tan done for the weekend so I'm not looking like a milk bottle. Does anyone have any experience of doing this and how it turned out while away, did it go patchy etc?


  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 4,014 New bride

    I've had one before going on holiday and it didnt go patchy at all, it looked great.

    On the other hand, I went with a girl who just used fake tan from a bottle. When she sweated in the heat it melted off and she ended up with white patches inside her elbows and between her boobs. Not a good look.

  • lubeslubes Posts: 1,555

    Hi Nikki,

    I totally feel your pain! I am so pale people often ask if I'm feeling okay 😂. I get spray tans quite often and I love them! 

    - Get it done a day or two before so it settles onto your skin. Book an appointment in the morning if you can. You have to wait 8 hours before getting wet so getting it done in the AM means you can wash the excess off before bed. If not, you may just have to cover up in bed so it doesn't get all over your sheets (I had to do this once during a heat wave - urgh!)

    - Make sure you exfoliate your skin before so it goes on evenly.

    - The only warning with a spray tan (well fake tan full stop) is that you can't really swim with it as it goes green! 

    Hope this helps! x

  • CornishladyCornishlady Posts: 42

    Personally I find the St Tropez gradual tan to be the best way of getting a colour on my naturally fair skin. I have had a few spray tans in the past with varying results - orange feet, bits missed etc and I exfoliate and moisturise regularly as a matter of course, so it isn't that. I had one spray tan that looked great, even and beautiful, until it started coming off, in patches. I looked like I had a skin condition!

    I think the best advise would be to try a few different methods and see what works for you in terms of application, colour, longevity etc.

  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    Hi, Ive actually trained in spray tans & also get them done regular as I am very pale & I love that they give me a nice natural tanned look.

    If you want to avoid patches do the prep before hand as per Lubes above i.e. exfoliate.  Dont put anything onto your skin after washing, do deodorant, no creams, perfume etc, this will make it go on patchy & also go green.

    I have mine done in the evening so that I can wear loose clothing during the night & wash in the morning.  If you get 1 done in the day, dont wear tight fitting clothing or underwire as it will rub the tan off, dont splash yourself with water either as it will cause white spots.

    When its done it will wear in places where you have tight clothing e.g. if you were wearing tight skinny jeans it will wear on the knees first.  Exfoliate once a day, this will even out any patchyness as it fades.  Beware of oils or shower gels & creams with oil init as this will take the tan off.  I have never found a problem like Lubes has had i.e. it going green while swimming in either the sea or a pool.  Lastly use body cream after washing (without oil) to keep skin supple.

    Hope this helps - you wont look back after your first one! x

  • Nikki-93Nikki-93 Posts: 171

    Thanks for all your advise, i've had spray tans before but wasn't sure how it would hold up for a weekend in ibiza. Maybe i'll look into a few different options and do a few tests

  • Heather50Heather50 Posts: 121 New bride

    This might sound stupid but does the fake tan/spray tan not create a layer so the natural tan doesn't get in?

    So for example if I had a spray tan and then sunbathed for a week would the tan build on the spray tan or not at all?

  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    Spray tan doesnt offer any protection against the sun x

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