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Ring issues

This is a really stupid question and not really an issue but please humour me girls! I don't usually wear rings (I'm a bracelet girl) and I hate my hands as I think theyre knobbly and long and old! My ring fits perfectly when on my finger but because of my stupid knuckles I have to really push it on. I don't wear jewellery in the house either so sometimes I'm taking it off three or four times a day which probably doesn't help. As a consequence the side of my knuckles is really dry and starting to go hard. Do any of you have this problem? I've only been wearing it for 14 months so slightly concerned by my wedding date (sept 17) my knuckles are going to be bright red, Nevermind in ten years time etc!

Shameless picture of ring and stupid knuckles:


Side of knuckle (it doesn't look that bad in the picture!) 



  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Aww yeah I see what you mean, that must be uncomfortable...... I don't really have any advice except is it possible for you to not remove it as much? When I first got engaged (I dont wear any jewellery usually so having a ring for life was odd for me) I used to take it off to wash my hands, shower, cook etc. But then someone said to me that the safest place for your ring is on your finger and I really believe that is true now. Whenever I have it off I have little panics that it has grown legs and wondered off  So the only time I take it off now is when I am handling meat....! I have a specially placed container in my kitchen for when I am doing that, then I put it back on as soon as I have washed my hands. 

    Is there another reason that you take it off so much at home? I guess if you can't change that then the only option is to get it made marginally bigger so that it doesn't damage your skin but still small enough that it wont fall off over your knuckle.

    Also....OMG your ring is stunning, and I dont think your hands look bad at all, lovely slim and long (in a good way). Better then fat stumpy hands....!

  • Thanks!!! Everyone has a part of their body they irrationally dont like, mine is my hands! 

    To be honest, I just find it really scratchy, I can't bear the thought of sleeping in it (in any jewellery in fact).

    It sometimes spins round on my finger too so don't really want to get it any bigger, I'm hoping someone has a magical cream that they use all the time?!?!

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215

    What a gorgeous ring!!!!  That really suits your hand as well.

    I’ve got slim fingers with sizeable knuckles but my hands are tiny (cheers for the dodgy knuckle gene, Gran!) so I had my ring resized so that it would comfortably go over my knuckle without having to apply too much pressure. However, once it was over my knuckle, it would just spin constantly round my finger and the diamond was never centred which annoyed me, constantly having to adjust it.  I took my ring back to the jewellers and got two sizing beads put onto the inside of my ring so now it doesn’t spin at all but it’s still large enough to go on my finger without agitating the skin on my knuckles.  Not sure if that could be an option for you?

    Hope you manage to sort something out.   E x

  • Bims09Bims09 Posts: 240 New bride

    I really feel for you, Helen. Although I have really skinny fingers, like you I have quite pronounced knuckles - so I have to have my ring a bit looser or it wouldn't go onto my finger. Just after we got engaged I took the ring back to the jewellers to see if they could make it a bit smaller, as it spins round on my finger quite a lot. But they said they couldn't resize it or it would hurt my knuckles (like the situation you have now!).

    Emma, I've never heard of the sizing beads but they sound great! How do they work exactly?

  • TadpoleTadpole Posts: 2,134 New bride

    Hey ladies, just a bit of advice on rings spinning around! Mine did the same until after I got married and now as it rests on my wedding rings its a lot more stable. Hope that's helpful!


  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    I was also going to suggest sizing beads.... from my knowledge I think it just provides extra grip to stop it spinning round on your finger. Though I don't think it would aid the painful knuckle situation.

  • Emma236Emma236 Posts: 215
    Bims09 wrote (see post):

    Emma, I've never heard of the sizing beads but they sound great! How do they work exactly?

    I'd never heard of them either until my friend who is a jewellery designer told me about them.  They basically solder two small balls/beads onto the inside of your ring at the bottom/underside and it stops the ring spinning as these small beads provide some grip.

    I had heard that that wedding ring can stop the ER spinning so I held off until after my wedding but I wasn't so lucky and my ring was still refusing to stay put so I opted for the beads.  My wedding ring was spinning too but since I got the beads on my ER, the wedding ring doesn't move now either so I'm pretty chuffed with that.

    I take off my ER every night and whenever I'm doing housework, cooking/baking or at the gym and even with the beads, I haven't noticed any irritation on my knuckle.  That's just my experience of it though, obviously other people may have differing opinions on the sizing beads.

    E x



  • Bims09Bims09 Posts: 240 New bride

    Thanks Emma, such a good but simple idea! I may do the same as you, wait until the wedding and see if the other ring helps to keep it in place. If not, beads may be the answer.

    I reckon this would be a good option for Helen225 as well - have your lovely ring (it is a beaut) made a bit bigger so you can get it off more comfortably, then see if the beads can help to stop it from spinning 

  • Hey yeah definately considering the beads,i'd never heard of them before. 

    Alao happy to hear I have fellow knuckle friends out there!! 

  • Helen225 I feel your pain, I suffer with this too. Like you I may take my ring off a couple of times a day and it has resulted in dry/thicker skin around the knuckles. I thought I was the only one! I've not been able to find a miracle cure but I have found that Weleda's Skin Food really helps - it's a really rich cream that works wonders on dry skin and helps to soften the hard skin.

    P.s. Such a gorgeous ring!!! 

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  • Aww thank you. The OH picked it all on his own too (albeit listening to what I like for about 8 years) and (I thought!) managed to get the right size too! Not sure how I'll break it to him that maybe it's not quite the right size 

  • MrsState - Ive just checked out the skin food  thing and will buy some tomorrow. Thanks for the tip! 

  • Not a problem - hope it helps! 

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