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Dress that smells like fish ?

I went to wed2be with my mam and auntie I tryed on the most amazing dress when the ladies from the shop put the dress over my head I noticed the dress stunk of fish so I asked the ladies why the dress smelt like fish and there reply was "the dress is new in the shop so it smells like china" so I ended up getting my dress elsewhere when I told the lady who I bought my amazing dress of she said it was a load of rubbish and that she's never heard of that ever lol has anyone experienced anything like this ? 


  • Not a dress but i have experienced it with pillows that had been vaccuum packed-it's apparently a product they use and it disappeared after leaving it out for a few hours. maybe it was just out of the packaging but not a very nice bridal experience I must admit! You would think they would make sure it was gone before they let people try it on!

  • No way!the exact same thing happened to me!!put me right of the shop!i thought it was just me!!😂😂

  • Iwillbewedsoon it was so awful lol was it at wed2be?

  • Yeh it was, but was in the Glasgow store!i didn't ask why it smelt but asked to get out of it b4 she even done it up!😂

  • I went to the shop in Gateshead near the metro center it was so bad the smell 

  • Yep, I noticed that in the Midlands Wed2Be.....must be the way they store them...

  • yep! Put me right off wed2be!

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