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Photograph thank you cards

So my wedding is all over :( and I need to start thinking about thank you cards. How do people get the thank you cards with a picture of themselves on the wedding day on them? Do they choose an image they like from the photographer and have another company produce them or does the photographer produce them?

also, I got married abroad so everyone had to make a lot of effort to attend. For those who didn't get us gifts do I send a thank you card thanking them for coming? What is the etiquette?


  • I believe companies like vistaprint have a template you can use. I definately wouldn't use my photographer even if they offer it as it sounds like it could be waaaaay more money than the DIY route. 

    im doing the same - we're having a camera free ceremony so our thank you card will be a picture of our ceremony for everyone. 

    We will be sending it to everyone regardless of whether they got us a gift or not. 

  • If you'd like some thank you cards made in your wedding colour(s) please get in touch.

    For my wedding I sent out Thank you cards to all the people who kindly gave us a gift and also sent to the people who helped with the wedding, e.g. florist, seamstress, cake maker etc. I chose a picture that we both loved and had it stuck inside so as you opened the card, our picture was seen. 

    Hope that helps.


  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    We used Vistaprint for ours.You upload your photo(s) onto the website and you can either pick from a template or make your own, we designed our own.I believe they were £25 for 40 but that included postage too which is quite high. Vistaprint were the cheapest we found when shopping around.

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