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Hello , when I got my engagement ring I wasn't even thinking of my wedding band . I wanted I thin and small as I've small hands . 

when choosing my wedding ring they didn't have my size in the store , but I fell in love with a ring that was everything I wanted . I didnt mind that it was a different style than my engagement ring . 

Now that my wedding is 11 weeks away the jewellers have sent me a sample of my wedding ring which is my size . It fits perfectly . However when I go to try my engagement ring on with it ( just like I would be wearing after ) I can't get my engagement ring on also ... Not because there is no room , but suddently my engagement ring becomes too small 😭 My tiny engagement rings band also doesn't look well with my thicker wedding ring .. 

 anyone here had the same thing ? I was hoping that I could get my engagement ring enlarged and a wider band put on it . My wedding ring is 4.6mm and my engagement is like 1.5mm . I don't know if this can be done and I'm rather embarrassed to go to a jewellers ( I'm not a thin woman and was embarrassed in a jewellers before for " having fat fingers " ) :( 



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  • Which way round are you wearing the rings? ER WR or WR ER? I was advised by multiple jewellers to buy a size up for the one closest to the hand as when wearing two it can become tight. I don't know if this is true as I bought the same size WR but from a different jeweller to my ER and it's felt fine every time I've tried them on together. You could consider wearing the ER on a different finger???

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