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Notice of marriage

What to expect ?


  • We did ours a couple of weeks ago. We were asked questions together, then separately, really simple, only took about 20 minutes. They are only looking to check that you know each other and that you can get married. Hope that helps!

  • We did ours back in July, they just asked questions like if either had been married before or changed our names at all? then asked us questions on our own so one had to leave the room, they just asked partners full name, are you related in any way, what their job is and date of birth from memory....and don't OH 'forgot' my middle name and then couldn't remember my date of birth (baring in mind we were born the same year and we went the DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!!!) LOL!! then when asked what my job title was, instead of saying PA, he said my job title was 'something to do with cars....'

    ....and they still allowed us to proceed!! so........ lol!!! xxx

  • Wait, what's this? Do you have to do this for a church wedding? 🙈

  • I don't think you do for a church wedding.

  • I think you still need to give notice as I have heard people talking about having their banns read out at church and they must only be able to do that once you give notice? I could be wrong though? xx


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