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Norethisterone - Has anyone taken these tablets?


I've been prescribed norethisterone as my period is due when I get married in four weeks. 

Has anyone every taken this pill before and if so did you suffer any side effects be great to hear fro anyone who has previous taken this medication.  .  


Thank you x


  • Hello,

    I have used them before on holiday.  You can get bloating from them but I don't think I really did.  But it might just be worth bearing that in mind and avoiding anything that will add to bloating (salt, fizzy drinks etc).  You do have to take them religiously or you will have breakthrough periods, but on the whole I think they're a pretty good way of holding off your period. 

    Good luck with final bits of wedding prep!!! xx

  • I love these haha used them three times before they're magic tablets 😄 Didn't get any side affects personally xx

  • bella2015bella2015 Posts: 1,903 New bride

    I have never used them personally but my close friend has and they ended up making her menstrual cycles a mess i.e. it took ages for her periods to come back properly after. So bear that in mind.

  • Hi Ladies 


    Thank you so much for the replies.  Some really good advice and opinions that are very helpful!

    Much appreciated.

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