Wedding Sept 17 - general excited bride chat 😀



I'm very overly excited about my upcoming wedding and people are getting sick of me haha! 

So where better else than to talk all weddingy than a wedding forum??!!


So, me and the h2b have been together for just over 2 years. We got engaged in September this year in Disneyland Florida! Yep, he got down on one knee in front of the castle, awesome. Tears all round! He was a sneaky thing and had a couple of friends and family members involved to make sure everything was spot on and they all did very well keeping the secret! 

So, we got home and I couldnt help but look at venues. We had an idea of what we wanted - everything in one place, nothing too big, decent bar, hotel rooms in the venue and something a little quirky. The 1st place we went to was Le Petit Chateau in Otterburn, Northumberland. The place took my breath away. Its incredible and I knew I wanted it. Byt we had appointments at 2 places in Yorkshire. Carlton towers is truly stunning but was v.expensive.

So.... Le Petit Chateau it is! Booked for next September on a Tuesday (which is £15000 cheaper than a Saturday!)

Venue booked, next? I was on the hunt for photographer. We've got a cracking one, really arty but not annoying arty pics. Hes called Micheal Hope from Sunderland. Great guy, great price and fantastic photos. Then onto flowers, I've been on pinterest overload! Found some gorgeous bright flowers so Im going for that syle. The venue can hold bright colours so why go for plain ones? 

Ive also got my dress (which may have been seen on my earlier post) yes, I had the dredded wedding dress wobbles but thanks to a lot of reassurance on here, Im now excited about trying it again on Sunday. Cant wait to show my mum! Im useless at accessory type stuff too so hopefully she can tell me! Ive got collar length hair (i was growing it as i wanted long hair for my wedding. It was past my bra strap when I gave up on him ever asking me so got it all chopped off then he asked me a week later!!) so im really worried about how my hair is going to be! My brother is a fantastic hairdresser so hopefully he'll work his magic!

H2b went to look at suits and the incredibly rude man in the shop basically called him fat and turned him away!! So we're leaving that for a bit and he's going to work around my colours :) 

So all we have to do now other than the pidly bits (invites etc) are dj, rings, bridesmaids. Think thats it. Unless ive missed anything obvious??!!

Sorry for the massive pist, just excited!


  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Hey Emma

    Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!

    I also use this forum as a place to get overly excited about wedding stuff as people also get sick of me going on about it too!

    Great to hear how your plans are coming along! Why don't you check out the planning threads as that will be a great place to pick out what you might have missed! Or even better, why not start your own?


  • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I have just googled your venue and it looks absolutely incredible!

    It sound like you've got most things covered but as Jenni8 mentioned it's worth checking out other peoples planning threads to see what you might have overlooked. 

  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    Cheers Rachi and Jenni, I might start my own thread 😀 no doubt I'll have missed something! 

    I feel like Ive been very organised which can only mean I probably havent haha x

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