Wedding gift ideas

Hi everyone, 

I was just wondering what the best wedding gift you received was? If you're not married yet is there anything on your gift list you love the most? 

A good friend of mine is getting married next year and I really want to put in some thought into her gift.  Ideally I want it to be personal to the couple. I know both of them from University (where they met) so maybe something that ties in with that i'm not sure. These things take a bit of time so I thought I better start now. I will still contribute if they have a honeymoon fund or anything like that but I wanted to make or buy something personal as well. 

So yes I would be very grateful if any of you brides or brides to be have any suggestions!



  • All the things I'm really hoping people will get us are personal things, rather than most of the things on our gift list, which is full of stuff we need. Things like a cheese board personalised with our names & our wedding date. Or monogrammed luggage tags for our honeymoon. Or Mr and Mrs robes. Things that keep the excitement of changing my name/being a new family alive. I just want everything to have my new initials on it basically! Those are the presents I'll be most excited to open/receive. Over time I'm sure I'll really appreciate the gravy boat and my excitement over the new initials will fade, but i think seeing those personalised items will always remind me of how excited I was to be married and become my husband's wife. 

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